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How to Maintain Your Pickup Truck’s Value

Anyone who has ever owned a pickup truck understands the advantages that it yields. From their powerful engines and endlessly customizable features to their durability, it’s no surprise that this vehicle type remains popular amongst many people. Some even prefer to have it as their company car. However, when a new model arrives, you may want to sell your current ride to purchase the new one. With that said, how do you maintain your truck’s value and get the most money out of it?

  1. Protect your vehicle
  2. One of a pickup truck’s most appealing factors is its durability. But even if the vehicle is hardwearing and made to last, the scratches and nicks it receives during your ownership can quickly add up and hurt its overall value. Thus, you must keep it protected as best as possible. It’s not hard to do either. For example, the underside of the truck tends to take a lot of abuse, and you can protect the undercoating of your truck with the application of a special composite coating.

    Additionally, it’s worth investing in a truck bedliner to protect the pickup’s bed from abrasive and impact damage. It can also help keep it from wearing down due to the elements. It may sound simple, but you’ll be surprised at how much it can attract prospective buyers.

  3. Ensure it’s regularly maintained
  4. If you’re looking to get top value for your pickup truck, you need to make sure that it’s routinely maintained. Just because your vehicle appears to be performing well, it doesn’t mean that it can do away with regular servicing. After all, through maintenance, you’ll be able to prevent any potentially expensive problems from rearing their ugly heads in the future. More importantly, if buyers know that you took good care of your vehicle, they’ll automatically assume that the vehicle will work as intended, making them more inclined to make the purchase.

    If you plan on doing some of the jobs yourself, be sure that you consult the vehicle’s manual first. Many maintenance tasks like fluid changes can be done even by those without experience. However, be sure that you leave more complicated jobs to professional mechanics.

  5. Address repairs immediately

Most buyers will stay away from pickup trucks that require repair, no matter how small the issues are, because they understand how much of a hassle it can be to do it themselves. It can also be an expense that they won’t be willing to shoulder. So even if you’ve priced it accordingly, address the repairs yourself. Doing so will save potential buyers the time of doing it, and they’ll be more willing to do a deal with you instead of looking for another alternative.


Every vehicle will depreciate — there are no two ways around it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t keep its value at a reasonably acceptable level. By taking measures to keep your pickup truck protected, ensuring that it’s routinely maintained, and addressing all repairs quickly, you can still get a fair amount of money on a used truck.

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