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How to make a Zen Garden at Home

Zen decoration has gained a great boom due to the sensation of calm and harmony that it transmits. And it is that we all want to live in a comfortable and pleasant home in which we feel comfortable and stress-free.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area, you can create a relaxing and natural environment in which to enjoy lunch, dinner, moments of relaxation, etc.

History Of the Zen Garden

To know the history of this type of garden we must go back centuries. Buddhist monks created them with the aim of meditating in a quiet environment. With the passage of time, some elements have been perfected and, finally, they have reached our days to allow us to enjoy a harmonious place with that oriental touch.


The key to achieving this style is to combine simplicity and naturalness. Although, as we have mentioned, some new features have been introduced, the basic design remains the same.

How to create a Zen Garden

These are the main keys to creating your own Zen garden:


The size of the garden does not matter

It is not necessary to have a large area, since the purpose of these gardens is to build a representation of a natural landscape in miniature. In fact, many people decide to incorporate this type of decoration in small terraces.


Sand and rocks: two essential elements

The fundamental part is sand or gravel along with stones carefully placed to create a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Use different types of stones

Did you know that vertical stones simulate miniature trees? On the other hand, the flat and horizontal ones represent water, and the arched ones represent fire. Dare to combine them in your garden to create different spaces.

Select a subtle and relaxing Lighting

To enjoy our garden at night we will need to have it properly lit. However, we should not introduce strong lights and cold tones. Opt instead for solar beacons, candles and lanterns to create an intimate space.

Don’t forget the Plants

Bamboo is the perfect ally in these gardens. You can also opt for succulent plants such as aloe vera or agave, and, of course, the lotus flower and orchids.

Plants will allow you to connect with nature from your own home and provide a relaxing touch of serenity and calm.

Do not neglect order and cleanliness

It is very important to maintain a clean and tidy environment, because if we bet on incorporating too many elements or everything is placed in a chaotic way, we will not obtain that feeling of calm and harmony.

Wooden Elements

Wood is another of the perfect resources to evoke nature. You can put wooden benches, tables or even cover a garden wall with sheets.


If your garden has enough space, we recommend putting a bridge that crosses from one end to the other.

You can also incorporate some large stones that form a kind of path. Ideally, you should select those in white. Of course, keep in mind that this type of stones tend to wear out and get dirty frequently.


Water sources

Putting a water fountain or a small waterfall will allow you to enjoy the most characteristic sounds of nature.


Incorporate a statue

If you wish, you can place an oriental-style statue such as a Buddha or a warrior from ancient times.

Get your zen garden through the tricks that we have revealed to you and enjoy the harmony and tranquility that this area of ​​your home will give off.


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