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How to prioritize SEO tasks by the impact on WordPress Websites

WordPress and SEO do go hand in hand, and prioritizing the impact of this is important. How do you do it? Well, read on to find out.

How to Prioritize by Impact

When you’re prioritizing, you want to focus on impact, and figure out what will help you figure out to make it the biggest impact that it can on the website. You need to look at technical SEO audits for starters, and you should make sure that you consider a few things, especially since it can help with getting some impact pushed onto the site. You want to look at what’s holding itself back on the website because if it doesn’t have these, it can actually cause a significant impact on the improvements of this. It will give you recommendations, and let others understand where they should begin. Remember, u want to focus on the main aspects to consider first.

The Featured Comment Plugin

First, you should consider a featured comment plugin. You go to plugins, add new, and then featured comments. Look at the comments, and you’ll immediately see the comments that are there, and from there, you can enhance comments and make them more impactful, which in turn will boost the engagement, and ultimately the rankings on the site.

Get those Heading Tags Put in!

Heading tags are another way to improve the impact of a site, and many SEO services look to adjust the headings. Headings allow people to read it easier, and with the right plug-ins, it also will create a more definitive piece. You can adjust the heading sizes on this too so that people are able to read it easier. Heading tags are good too, because, if you want the blog to rank anywhere, having the keywords, and even the tags on the heading seen, you’ll realize that it will get more consideration, more impact, and more views.

Consider Image Compression

If your site is going slow, image compression is what you should consider. Images that are larger in the post than the plain text will take much longer and will slow down the website. Slow websites will kill your ranking since one aspect of SEO to consider is the speed of your website. Having your images optimized on your blog is something that can create an impact easily for your site, and can ultimately change the game for it too. There are many image processing plugins, and if you’re wondering which is the best for you, try them out.

Look at Reducing Your Redirects

Another way to really help with the impact on a WordPress site is looking at your redirects. If your site is running slow, it may be seo gold coast because you have too many redirect links in there. In that case, the site will have to go through many different hoops just to load for the consumer, and as said before, page speed will make or break your site. If you’re concerned about this, do an SEO audit of your site, and if you notice it’s slow, take a look at the redirect links in WordPress, and get the appropriate plugin.

Look at Canonicalization

If you notice duplicate content on a URL, chances are you should make sure that your canonical tag is correct. If you don’t have this on your WordPress site, you’ll want to put that there, since it’s a way of basically screaming to search engines that you have the master copy of the page.

Duplicate content is something that you get hit with major penalties on Google for, and it actually can cause unique content to be missed and affects the ranking immensely. So, if you’re wondering about this, you should make sure to prevent it in your blog, for it can make or break it, and can ultimately affect impact.

WordPress is popular for SEO Brisbane users, and you’ll realize why. You can improve the impact of many aspects of your site with it, and ultimately, it can make a difference. These points can make or break it, and generally impact the overall future and wellness of the site.


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