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How To Treat Closed Comedones

Closed comedones are a specific form of breakout that a lot of people mistake for common acne.

This is not the case and misidentifying closed comedones can hinder you from finding the best treatment for it and bringing your skin back into a clear condition.

If you suffer from closed comedones then you know that this is an unsightly condition that can take a long time to go away. This article is going to guide you through the most effective closed comedones treatment so you can feel happy and confident in your own skin.

What Are Closed Comedones?

Closed comedones are a form of acne breakout that appears as raised bumps under the skin.

These are essentially whiteheads that do not develop a pus-filled head which is why they can be quite tricky to treat.

Closed comedones can appear to be the same color as your skin or they can be red and inflamed. In some cases, these pimples can be painful.

What Causes Closed Comedones?

Closed comedones occur for the same reasons as any other pimple – a pore has become blocked with excess oil.

However, there are several other factors that can be attributed to this specific kind of breakout including hormonal changes, pollution, stress, poor diet, and hygiene.

Closed comedones appear when the skin is dirty and the pores have become clogged with oils, dirt and other debris resulting ina swollen pimple.

How To Treat Closed Comedones

It can be quite difficult to treat closed comedones as they can be hard to keep track of.

As they appear under the skin, this kind of pimples may stay on your face and body for months which is very frustrating.

If you feel as though you are suffering from serve comedonal acne, then you may want to speak to a medical professional. They will be able to prescribe you with medicine or topical treatment that will be very strong and should help reduce the comedonal breakouts you experience.

It is also possible for you to purchase over the counter acne treatments that may be able to reduce the comedone pimples.

The best treatments will include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to exfoliate the skin and penetrate the deep levels to remove any dirt or excess oils.

Both of these ingredients are effective at killing bacteria also, which should help reduce your breakouts and prevent them from coming back.

When you suffer from closed comedones it is very important that you establish a good skincare routine. Try to stick to simple, natural and acne-based products when dealing with a breakout as you do not want to make your skin worse with harsh ingredients.

Make sure you are washing your face twice a day and remove any makeup or cosmetics before bed.

Applying a gentle moisturizer can also improve the appearance and feel of your skin, while also reducing the amounts of oil it produces.

Sometimes the skin will produce excess oils to keep it hydrated. Using a simple moisturizer on a daily basis will reduce the need for this and should contribute to a better complexation overall.

Things To Avoid

When you are suffering from comedonal breakouts, it can be tempting to pop the pimples to make them go away but this is actually one of the worst things you can do.

Popping pimples will spread the bacteria and excess oils into other pores on your face, as well as making the skin inflamed – which in turn will make the breakout look worse.

You should also avoid over-exfoliating your skin as this can cause some serious damage and will make the skin produce more oil to counteract this. These excess oils will then clog pores causing more breakouts.

It is recommended that you exfoliate your face around two times a week when suffering from closed comedones.

You should also try to avoid touching your face or the closed comedone breakouts as this will make the bacteria spread and will cause more pimples.

Some natural face masks can improve your breakouts, but these too should only be used sparingly.

Face masks can be used once a week or even once a fortnight for the best results.

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