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How to Use Social Media to Boost Engagement and Traffic to Your Site

When it comes to bringing in visitors to your website, you need to be smart about the tactics that you use.You cannot rely too heavily on promotional speech and photographs. Otherwise, you will turn people away. Users are accustomed to seeing ads all day long, on their phones, on the streets, on their computers, and on their television. The way to advertise and make it work is to cut through the noise and create a narrative with your images and words that will help you connect with consumers. Social media is the perfect avenue for you to make this connection, so long as you follow these tips:

Find Your Aesthetic

When it comes to social media, having a strong and unique aesthetic should be your first goal. That's because when it comes to social media, you first need to build up an audience before you can hope to sell your products, services, or gain more readers to your blog. To do this, having a very attractive main page can be a huge help. It means being aware of how all your photos and videos look together, as well as posting the best quality photos.

Be Genuine

While you don't need to pour out your soul in every post, simply using organic language as opposed to "buy this" or other lifeless jargon can go a long way. It means adding a story to each one of your posts. Your captions and the blog posts you create should offer value, a story, and most importantly they should emphasize your business' values. It will take some time to find the perfect balance between business and personal, but once you find it, you will have achieved a great online persona that appeals to users.

Offer Video Content

Video content should never be underestimated. People love watching videos, but only when they have the traditional flow of beginning middle and end. Having a long video that doesn't seem to have a point is simply wasteful. Instead, create and edit together strong and professional videos for each platform. Instagram videos, for instance, should be shorter than YouTube videos. Your main video should have a professional intro and a story that keeps users engaged throughout. That's why you will need to use this free intro maker because if you cannot hook your audience in the first few seconds, they won't stick around to watch the full video.

Offer Value

Everything you post, from photos to videos, to blog posts, should offer value. If it doesn't offer value, it is a fluff piece that does nothing for your brand or for increasing your website's engagement. That is why you need to engage with your audience and find out what they think of the content you post. Get real-time responses and improve. You will know the content that is best received by the response you get, and from there you know to create more similar content in the future.

When it comes to advertising, you need to do more than pay for ad space. You need to create a relationship with users so that you can have a community of fans and repeat customers.

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