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How to Work in Human Health as an Administrator, Researcher or as a Community Advisor

Working in human health is ideal for people who care about the health of the nation. While there are plenty of people who work as nurses in hospitals or in an accident and emergency ward dealing with urgent patients delivered by paramedics, there are fewer healthcare workers focused on the health in the community, the nation, or worldwide.

Within the human health field, there are distinctive roles available to someone who has taken a degree in this field. By clicking here, you can learn more about this type of specialist medical degree. In the meantime, let’s break down three type of jobs suitable for people with a clear interest in the health of the people.

Healthcare Administrators

A healthcare administrator plays an active role in making detailed plans, organizing and operating the health services for a healthcare organization or medical facility. The clinical research area also sometimes comes under the purview of this person, ensuring the proper use of medical technology, and that the appropriate regulations and laws regarding healthcare are followed properly.

The employment outlook is positive with the expectation of up to 20 percent growth in this job type from 2016 to 2026. The salary doesn’t fall into a narrow band due to the varied nature of the role. It depends on the organization with the lower level starting at just over $56,000 and the highest reaching over $170,000.


An epidemiologist focuses on clinical research as it relates to improving human health. They look at disease, the causes, how diseases affect groups and communities, and what patterns can be learned about the spread of each disease. Both their investigative approach and background in clinical trials help to inform the results they can achieve for a large group of people.

The role is one that’s seeing increased interest with estimates of nine percent growth from 2016 to 2026. The expected salary also varies from a low of around $46,000 to a high of over $114,000 in senior positions, with greater experience commanding the higher remuneration.

Community Health and Health Educators

Health educators within a healthcare organization and at the community level have a deep desire to educate the local community on wellness. The idea here is to help prevent future healthcare problems by educating the people directly to prevent or reduce the instances of serious illness in the area.

Whilst clearly there is a health education requirement for this role, it’s about being an educator and an excellent communicator rather than being someone who is active in medicine every day. The salary for this role ranges from a low of around $23,000 to a high of above $60,000. The expected growth rate is a positive 16 percent between 2016 and 2026.

There are at least three different ways to approach public health as a healthcare worker. Rather than being frustrated about a lack of progress in the medical field, the poor understanding of healthy behaviors in the community, or what you may see as bad healthcare policies, working in public health offers the chance to get directly involved to make things better.

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