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iCloud Advanced Data Protection expected to reach new markets with iOS 16.3

With iOS 16.3 that will most likely be released next Monday, January 23, 2023, iCloud Advanced Data Protection should also reach many other countries. It is a function that is not yet present in all markets, but that was born with the current version of iOS when it reached American users.

Apparently, iOS 16.3 will make iCloud Advanced Data Protection available in other markets as well, meeting the needs of those who accept to exchange a little comfort for the maximum possible security of data stored in Apple’s “cloud”.

iCloud Advanced Data Protection allows you to decrypt most iCloud content on authorized devices only.

For now, the data contained in the cloud is protected by encryption, but the key is also kept in Apple’s vaults for some purposes, including returning your account when you lose your credentials. Here, when activating advanced protection, there is only one key, and it is stored on the account owner’s device, and data.

On the one hand, this implies that if Apple’s servers are hacked, or the company is forced to open the “door” due to a mandate, our digital assets, without our key, will still remain shielded. On the other hand, it is necessary to be very careful because there is only one key, Apple no longer has a “copy” of it to possibly get us out of trouble.

When activating Advanced Data Protection, it becomes essential to remember the iCloud access password, and configure alternative recovery methods in case you lose it, for example, the indication of a reliable contact or a recovery key to write, or print, to keep it in a safe place.



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