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Intel to Rebrand Celeron and Pentium

Intel prepares to replace Pentium and Celeron brands with “Intel Processor” 

Intel is preparing to replace the Pentium and Celeron brands to display only the “Intel Processor” information. The new branding will replace the two existing brands on notebooks as early as next year, and is supposed to make things easier when consumers want to buy less expensive laptops.

The new Intel Processor brand will simplify offering so users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.

The end of the Pentium brand comes almost 30 years after its birth. Originally introduced in 1993, flagship Pentium chips were first introduced in high-end desktop machines, before migrating to laptops. Intel has used its Core brand extensively for its main line of processors since its introduction in 2006, and Intel has repurposed the Pentium brand for mid-range processors.

Celeron was Intel’s brand for low-end PCs. Launched about five years after the Pentium, Celeron chips have always delivered much less performance at a much lower cost to laptop makers and, ultimately, consumers. The first Celeron chip appeared in 1998 and was based on a Pentium II processor, and the latest Celeron processors are widely used in Chromebooks and low-end laptops.

Intel’s move to simplify to just “Intel Processor” means that multiple processor families will now be housed under a single brand. How Intel plans to address consumer education about what’s average and what’s low is not entirely clear. In any case, low-end chips have certainly garnered enough negative associations in recent years as PC makers increasingly focus on Chromebooks and low-end devices, where chips sometimes can’t keep up.

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