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Interior Design: 5 Tips To Combine Comfort And Beauty

The decision to renovate a house, apartment or office is a way to renovate environments and make them more functional. In addition to the usefulness of each space, thinking about the beauty and harmony of all the elements that make it up is among the essential items in the checklist.


When the subject is interior decoration, it is necessary to plan each environment according to the purpose, whether it is to provide leisure or a professional environment and dimensioning the budget according to the needs and desires of each consumer.


Check out some valuable interior design tips for you to have a comfortable and beautiful space.


From time to time, new decoration trends appear in events and specialized publications with countless suggestions for combinations of decoration items, space organization and so on.


In this equation, personal style is a variable that directly influences the final result of the project. Contrary to what some people say, following the trends and letting go of the decision to choose what you like or dislike is not a good idea.


The tip here is to rely on professional guidance such as architects, interior designers and other specialists available in the market, properly trained to direct the best aesthetic and functional options for your project.



Speaking of functionality, furniture is an indispensable item for the balance between functionality and harmony in environments. At this point, being aware of what has already been acquired, in the case of renovations, and checking what is still needed according to the dimension of the environment are valuable tips.


It is worth doing a detailed study of the space, on doors, windows, corners and air circulation areas to ensure that the furniture is in accordance with the layout of the space so that it does not make the environment “suffocating”. A beautiful closet or wardrobe where the door doesn’t open completely is of little use, isn’t it?



The combination of colors is another point that arouses curiosity and deserves attention, as this choice can enhance the beauty or make the environment uncomfortable.


At this point, choosing the ideal paint or wallpaper will depend on the effect you want to create. Primary colors (blue, yellow and red) can be used in point spaces to make them stand out and make them vibrant. The secondary colors (Orange, Green and Purple) combined with tone on tone, soften the environment and can be applied to upholstery, lighting, rugs and pillows, for example.



A high point of the decoration, an adequate lighting design can influence the economy and ensure comfort in the environment.


The effect caused by spotlights and lighting fixtures, highlights objects and creates less lit areas. For TV rooms and headboards, it’s worth having directional lamps that make it easier to focus. Dining tables combine with pendant lamps or even chandeliers built into the ceiling.


Air conditioning

Whether decorating a home, apartment or office, thermal comfort is essential. Environments that are too cold or too hot impair well-being and cause irritability. These extremes can be avoided through a climate control project that is customized and appropriate to your needs.


Another relevant point is the aesthetic impact of HVAC equipment on the environment. There are practical solutions that help to minimize this interference. Find out how to combine air conditioning and decor.

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