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Interior Design Tricks to Place Appliances

Here are some tips to take into account when placing appliances within an interior design project.

We start with the dishwasher. When designing the layout of the kitchen, the height must be adjusted very well to prevent the ducts and the drain from being uneven. In the case of comprehensive reforms, it can be used to place the plug under the sink or adjoining cabinet so that it is more convenient to access it. If it is placed behind it, the device will have to be removed if it is necessary to unplug it. In order to avoid water losses and short circuits, it is essential to cut off the electricity and the water when undertaking the installation. If the dishwasher is integrated, when the door is opened up and down it can collide with the plinth. To avoid this, it will be necessary to make a recess so that it can run easily or choose a dishwasher with a sliding door.

As for the refrigerator, the largest appliance, it must be placed away from heat sources that can alter its internal temperature. This is something to keep in mind in any interior design project. The ideal is not to place it next to the oven-micro column. You also have to take into account the measurements and place a plug at a medium-low height to connect it to the current without it being tense.

Depending on the dimensions of the kitchen, it may be necessary to purchase, not a refrigerator with a standard opening, but a model with the possibility of choosing the opening direction. To achieve a more harmonious set, we can make the line of the freezer line up with that of the doors of the rest of the furniture.

Regarding the washing machine, it is essential to find a place away from heat sources. Besides, the surface where we place it must be level and firm. Finally, the dryer must go to the side, in a place where there are no changes in temperature that could cause alterations in its operation.

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