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iOS 16.1 to provide Real-time Sporting events on your iPhone

iOS 16.1 promises to be everything that iOS 16 should be, as it has many interesting new features. And if you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 16, and you like sports, you will definitely want iOS 16.1 to arrive as soon as possible.

Thanks to support for Live Activities, iOS 16.1 will show real-time updates on the lock screen, in a kind of home delivery, for example, as a sporting event is in progress. In the first beta version of the operating system, which was distributed in recent days to developers, Apple is testing the integration of Live Activities with Apple TV to provide the user with real-time updates on the result, or on the progress of the sporting event.

In iOS 16.1 beta, (probably US only) just open the Apple TV app, tap the Follow button on the event, and the Live Activities focused system provides the user with all the necessary updates. From the screenshots provided it is clear that synthetic updates will also be shown above the time, and always on the lock screen. This formula will refer to the notch models (iPhone 14 and Plus model), while in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, Live Activities will also be integrated, but in this case on Dynamic Island.

iOS 16.1 continues to surprise with new features

Live updates on the sport should initially cover the MLB, the American professional baseball league, along with the NBA and Premier League, but the list will likely grow quickly to make iOS 16.1 with its live activities an equivalent of what it already has. exists – and for years – on the Android side, which benefits from Google’s event management.

The stable version of iOS 16.1 is expected to arrive later this year.

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