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iOS 16.5 accused of causing autonomy problems for the iPhone

Released roughly two weeks ago, iOS 16.5 is now causing some autonomy problems for those who installed it on their iPhone. At least that’s what some reports that appeared on the web reveal. On Twitter you don’t read many complaints but there are users who, after updating their iPhone to the latest available version of iOS, noticed excessive consumption of the available battery and temperatures soared for no apparent reason.

There are those who express a clear judgment when stating that the new iOS 16.5 is “lethal for the battery”, and there are those who argue explaining that the interval between one visit to the charger and another has decreased and that “for some reason my battery reaches really high temperatures ” even without basically doing anything.

Apple through the support profile on the social network Twitter responded to one of these cases, but probably also in others, asking to better explain the problem and especially how much time has passed since the update to iOS 16.5.

It may seem strange to some that Apple is interested in apparently useless information, but probably not everyone knows that depending on the news of an update in the next few hours and days, the device could find itself in the condition of having to reprocess a lot of data, having to reexamine the parameters or, for example, reexamine the entire gallery if new algorithms are introduced.

iOS 16.5 Excessive Battery Consumption Could Be Normal

In short, in most cases abnormal battery consumption and high battery temperatures are consequences of a normal update, and for someone this may have coincided with iOS 16.5. Previously, Apple had already explained that excessive battery consumption after an update can be normal, because it will reconfigure applications and functions, and that this can last up to 48 hours after installing the update.



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