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iOS 16 – The latest Operating system for the iPhone

After months of anticipation, Apple has unveiled iOS 16 – the latest operating system for the iPhone and the successor to iOS 15. The company took the stage at WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual developer conference, and unveiled all the key features that we can expect from the update. iOS 16 will be released in late 2022, with the public beta currently available for iPhone users.


The company hasn’t specified the launch date, but for years Apple has rolled out its major iOS updates in September of their release year, so we’re almost certain that the finished version of iOS 16 will arrive in September 2022, likely alongside the iPhone 14 row. iOS 16 Features


There are all sorts of new and improved features coming with iOS 16, and we’ve detailed the most important ones below.


iOS 16 lets you customize your lock screen Tap any area to change the font and colors of the text. Complications (which are essentially widgets) can also be enabled here, a feature inherited from the Apple Watch. You can add three of these to your lock screen, while the Now Playing screen slides down for easier thumb access. You are not limited to just one lock screen either. Similar to creating a watch face on your Apple Watch, you can swipe between different lock screens, giving you access to different widgets based on your needs.


Focus mode is also getting a few updates, and some of these are linked to the lock screen, so the lock screen you see can be automatically toggled based on your Focus profile. Notifications are also improved, with “Live Activity,” which are essentially pinned widget-like notifications that let you check a game’s score, track the progress of a food delivery, and more. Notifications also have a new design that aims to make them stand out visually and have new animations – they roll in from the bottom of the lock screen to make them easy to see at a glance while staying out of the way. And you can choose to show notifications in an expanded list view, a stacked view, or a hidden view.


Apple has added several new features to Messages. Undo Send has arrived for one that lets you delete a message up to 15 minutes after it’s been sent, if, for example, you realize you’ve sent it to the wrong person. You can also edit messages in the first 15 minutes.  You can also restore messages up to 30 days after deleting them, send an invitation to collaborate on a project in Messages, and get notifications when someone makes a change in a collaboration.


Users can quickly revoke all access to Messages and other accounts they’ve granted a partner, and an emergency reset feature helps users easily sign out of iCloud on all their other devices, reset privacy permissions, and only see Messages on the device in theirs to restrict hand. Users can also stop sharing their location using this tool.


In conjunction with the upcoming new smart home standard, the Home app is getting a new design to make managing your smart devices and rooms easier. You can see all your spaces in a single view, alongside categories for light, climate, security and more. You can tap a category to view more detailed status information and view up to four surveillance cameras at once.


iPhone’s TrueDepth camera can be used to create a personal Spatial Audio for immersive listening experience. The Apple Fitness app is made available to all iPhone users even if they don’t have an Apple Watch to track their fitness. The app uses your iPhone’s motion sensors along with step and distance tracking and workouts from third-party apps to help you reach your daily exercise goal and estimate your calorie burn.


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