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Join the Hunt: HAWKED, the Unique Extraction Shooter, Launches on PC and Consoles

HAWKED, a unique extraction shooter in which teams of up to three players (or solo) race to collect and extract artifacts from a remote island called X-Isle. Players (also known as Renegades) use unique abilities and multiple build combinations to compete against each other.

On the treasure island, they need to protect and extract artifacts that can only be achieved by fighting other players for the prize, solving puzzles, avoiding traps and getting rid of local monsters. A new Developer Diary provides insight into the game’s genesis and what inspired the developers to create HAWKED.

The first team to successfully extract the Artifacts from the island wins the hunt. To ensure each session is rewarding, players can also mine smaller treasures, or trinkets, and leave the island (dead or alive) with useful cash that they can spend on improving their character. The third-person shooter’s ambitious executive producer, Andy Duthie, is excited to welcome players to new platforms:

“In making HAWKED, we wanted to create the ultimate treasure hunt. A game that brings that sense of adventure into every playthrough, while also being accessible and focused on creating a fun experience. To that end, we’ve always had consoles in mind since the beginning. We can’t wait for players to enjoy their hunts together through cross-play and wreak havoc on adventures on the X-Isle, recovering artifacts and becoming legendary treasure hunters.”

The release of the PC and Console versions begins with the game’s first season: “Issue #1”: Renegades. In Renegades, treasure hunters begin exploring the mysterious X-isle with the help of the treasure hunting corporation, GRAIL. New secrets and mysteries will be revealed as the story unfolds, culminating in an explosive climax that sets up the story’s next big moment. A recent roadmap already presented contains future editions that will feature new content and an ever-evolving storyline.

HAWKED is also released alongside a major update to the existing Early Access version, with an improved user interface, and refinements to shooting and movement mechanics based on player feedback during Early Access.

Produced and edited by MY.GAMES, the extraction shooter HAWKED can now be played on PC via MY.GAMES Launcher and Steam, on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.



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