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Just How Addictive is Online Gambling?

I think it is fair and true to say that online gambling can be quite addictive, in fact the number of people who do find themselves running into problems when gambling at casino sites for example has always been quite high, and that is a problem that does need addressing.

Addressing such problems is something that the UK Gambling Commission has never been afraid of doing, and they have over the last few years put into place a whole range of different rules and regulations surrounding responsible gambling that each of their license holders is required to adhere to.

As for just what those rules and regulations are, well one of them that is worth knowing about is that when you now log into any gambling site as one of that site’s real money players, such as for example an online casino site, you are asked whether you would like to set a gambling limit.

By doing so and selecting an adequate time period for that deposit limit to be in place for, you are going to then be blocked from making any additional deposits into your account once you reach that limit and those blocks will only be lifted once the period of time you selected has expired.

To also ensure that gamblers playing at an online casino site know where they stand at any point in time too, an onscreen message is displayed which constantly updates them on their wins and losses during that one single session.

Increase in People Turning to GamStop for Help

The number of people that have been reaching out for help and support due to gambling related problems has been steadily growing over the past year or so, and there are lot of reasons why some people do get affected by a gambling problem, of course.

However, there are going to be lots of different things that those with any type or form of gambling problem are going to have to do when they set about giving up gambling, and one thing is to immediately set about self-excluding themselves from each gambling site they have accounts at.

It should be noted though, that many people who do have a gambling problem are highly likely to have accounts at many different casino and gambling sites, so contacting each of them individually to self-exclude themselves could be very time consuming to say the least.

If you do have accounts at lots of different UK license gambling sites then my advice if you do want to give up gambling is to sign up to GamStop, as by doing so you will find that organisation will pass on your details to all UK gambling site operators who in turn will close any accounts that you hold with them and stop you from opening new accounts too.

All Casino Sites Should Become Part of GamStop

There have been many calls by industry experts to extend the GamStop scheme to all worldwide gambling related sites, however that is something that is unlikely to happen due to their being a huge mix of different licensing authorities and commissions spread over the world and plenty of gambling sites that are not even licensed.

With that in mind it is important to know there are numerous non GamStop casinos on portals such as that are available to anybody no matter whether they are listed on the GamStop register or not and anyone that is attempting to give up gambling will have to make an effort to avoid gambling at such sites when trying to stop gambling.

As for just how they could go about doing that, well one way would be to contact every single online gambling site the world over and ask to be self-excluded from those sites individually, but due to the sheer number of them in existence that is going to be something of a never ending task.

However, there is one other way that anybody attempting to give up gambling will never be able to access gambling sites and that is by downloading a gambling site blocker tool onto their devices. Do consider making use of one of them as that way when installed on a mobile device or a computer the software used by those blockers will not allow you to visit any type of gambling site.

Sadly, though if someone does not have the commitment and self-restraint to stay away from gambling sites, when trying to give u gambling, there is always the chance they could relapse and get into problems gambling again online.

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