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Learn Which Are the Best 3 Kratom Strains for Pain Management

Anyone who has experienced pain, which is every individual, knows how uncomfortable it can be. Now imagine feeling the pain you’ve ever experienced for a long period. Such is the everyday life of people with chronic pain.

Chronic pain has become a common occurrence the world over. More than one billion people experience some sort of chronic pain. In the United States, chronic pain has been identified as the main factor that causes prolonged disability.

Consequentially, anyone who feels such pain is warranted to look for a medication that can palliate it. The Centers for Disease Control reports that doctors write over 250 painkiller prescriptions each year. Yet, it is well known that prescription pain relievers cause undesirable effects. So, what is the best remedy for chronic pain, or any sort of pain whatsoever?

Natural methods for relieving pain are better. Many natural remedies can ease your pain for many years are available. One of the natural products that people use to relieve pain is Kratom. The following is what you should know about using Kratom for pain management.

Kratom’s health benefits

Ever since traditional times, Kratom has been identified as the go-to herbal extract to ease any type of pain. By browsing through Kratom forums or asking around, you will find many testimonials on the positive experiences people have had with Kratom. People use it to quell both physical and emotional pain.

According to users, Kratom doesn’t simply palliate the pain. It eradicates the smarting feeling entirely, leaving you free to go about your activities pain-free. This is the reason why its notoriety has deluged the world in recent times.

There are also a dozen other health benefits that are associated with it. Kratom has been used for opioid addiction therapy. The prolonged use of opioids causes addiction and dependency problems. Trying to let go of the use induces withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, splitting headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, and restlessness. Kratom causes these symptoms to subside, giving the individual recovering an easy means to do so.

Kratom also proliferates the dopamine levels in your body. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for positive feelings. This way, Kratom reduces anxiety, stress, and any form of mental affliction.

Kratom comes in a plethora of strains. Even though the strains exhibit similar characteristics and offer similar benefits, some strains are better suited for pain relief than others. Here, we look at three of the best strains people use for pain management.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da remains to be one of the most popular Kratom strains. This is because it is one of, if not the, most potent strains available.

Maeng Da wasn’t originally a naturally occurring strain. It was specifically bred to increase the Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine concentrations in the plant. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the alkaloids responsible for the health benefits Kratom offers.

The high concentrations of the said alkaloids render Maeng Da the most effective and most powerful strain you will find in the Kratom market. You are assured that it will work on your pain fast.

Maeng Da has been used as a remedy for the pain linked with many conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, chronic lower back pain, and fibromyalgia. Due to the energy-boosting effects it offers, people have also used it to manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS.

Maeng Da is more stimulating than it is sedating. This gives you the option of taking it during the day and go about your endeavors without a fuss.

Maeng Da Kratom comes in three vein colors; Red, Green, and White. For pain alleviation, Red-veined Maeng Da Kratom has shown to be the most effective. The dosage required may vary slightly due to many factors, but between 1 and 2 teaspoons is enough. In capsule form, the dosage required is one or two capsules, depending on the pain you are feeling.

Bali Kratom

Bali is a combination of two other strains; Borneo and Sumatra. As a result, you get the best of both worlds. Bali is well known for the consistent results it offers. People consider it one of the purest strains around.

The high molecular concentration of the painkilling alkaloids makes it the go-to remedy. Its potency offers users between 3 to 7 hours of sustained and continuous pain relief. It is also incredibly fast in the time it takes to deliver these results. The period between when you ingest the powder or capsule and when you begin to feel its effects is so short, you will be delightedly surprised. No wonder it ranks highly amongst Kratom strains.

Bali is a powerful antidepressant and stress and anxiety reliever. This is another reason why it popular. Its anti-addiction properties have led alcohol and opioid-dependent people to use it as a means to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

The red-veined Bali strain is considered more potent when compared to its cousins; the white-veined and the green-veined. 1 or 2 spoonsful of this strain are all you need. This is equal to 2.3 to 4.6 grams.

Borneo Kratom

As an analgesic agent, the Borneo strain is stronger compared to Bali Kratom. Yet, the benefits offered by both the stains are very similar. It is especially useful when dealing with inflammations and acute pains. Though it is one of the best strains for short term pain, its longevity isn’t put into doubt. Borneo is renowned for its efficiency when dealing with chronic pain.

Like the two previous strains, Red-veined Borneo is more potent than other vein colors. Two grams, or one tablespoon, is all you need to activate the benefits of the red vined Borneo strains.

Under the proper dosage, you can use Borneo during the day. It will not interfere with your body productivity. The beginner level dose is 1 to 2 grams and the regular users level dose is 3 to 6 grams.


People from around the world use Kratom for pain management. Using this herb is your personal choice. If you are just beginning to use it, take smaller doses. Many factors influence the effects induced by Kratom. They include your body weight, your rate of metabolism, and your genetic makeup. Your eating habits also contribute a lot. It is fundamental that you look for a particular dosage that fits you and caters to your needs.

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