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Lunar Rock Analysis reveals Solid Proof of Water on the Moon

We already have information about the evidence of water on the Moon, but this information has been received through satellites moving in the Moon’s orbit. Now for the first time, information has come to the fore with on-site proof of the presence of water on the Moon.

Evidence of water on the Moon
According to a report , China’s Chang’e-5 probe on the Moon carried out on-site inspection and samples were deposited from there. These samples were taken when this mission went to the Moon in December 2020. It not only collected samples for analysis on Earth, but also analyzed samples found on the Moon’s land.

Evidence of water was found in the boulder
Samples taken on the Moon by Chang’e-5 have now shown that water on the Moon was present in a boulder at a concentration of 180 ppm (parts per million). It is arid by Earth’s standards but clearly its importance is easy to understand because water is on the Moon.

There may be water in the interior of the moon
Analysis by investigation found that this particular boulder was lighter and had many stripes. This suggests that this rock was the result of underground volcanic activity. This suggests that more water may be present in the interior of the Moon.

The possibility of having water on the surface of the Moon strengthened
This on-site detection has strengthened the possibility of water on the surface of the Moon. Does this mean that water can easily reach human settlements on the Moon? No, because it is very difficult to extract water in such concentrations, but observations and analysis on on-site findings can help us understand how water would have existed on planets and satellites in space.

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