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MalwareBytes outage prevents users from accessing Google services

MalwareBytes is arguably one of the best security suites in the world. However, an error by the company’s developers prevented millions of users from being able to access Google services.

The incident that happened last Wednesday lasted less than an hour, but it was still irritating for millions of users who needed to access their mailbox (Gmail), access some files in the cloud (Google Drive) or even access the Play Store, and could not.

During that short period of time, victims of the inconvenience took to social media to testify about their very unpleasant experience.

According to one of the goggle user, the sites did not even load, as if they were blocked by a firewall. The user claimed to have noticed during the day that antivirus kept opening more MalwareBytes notifications, several dozen per minute, an abnormal activity, except as if  computer is seriously infected. In this case, notifications related to Google websites, which MalwareBytes considered malware. At the time, the only way to connect to the affected sites was to disable the suite.

According to the MalwareBytes , the outage lasted for 30 minutes and was fixed after an update.

With this bug, MalwareBytes made tech news headlines at its own expense. However, protecting your computer from malware remains essential.



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