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Meet Wear OS 4: New Operating system for Smartwatches

Google has announced the new Wear OS 4, the next version of its operating system for smartwatches. The public availability of this version will happen at the end of the year, and promises to arrive with many new features. For Wear OS 4, Google is highlighting the watch’s improved battery life, new and improved accessibility features, and backup and restore support that allows users to switch phones without needing to do a full watch reset.

As for accessibility, Google mentions faster and more reliable text-to-speech, although many other Wear OS 4 features are yet to be revealed. The new display format, designed in partnership with Samsung, is one of the elements detailed in full. This element allows programmers to easily create watch faces for this new version.

According to Google, the watch face format is a declarative XML format for designing the look and behavior of watch faces, which means there is no code involved in creating it.

On the other hand, Wear OS 4 will allow users to see who rang their Nest doorbell, unlock their doors remotely, access Gmail and calendar information for Workspace accounts, as well as manage many calendar related tasks for users. Google account general.




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