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Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch to Fix CVE-2022-37969 Windows Flaw

Last Tuesday, Microsoft started to release the September Patch for Windows 8, 10 and 11. This Patch  is nothing more than security fixes for the operating systems, which this month came to close more than 64 vulnerabilities.

Now, and a few days after that update, Microsoft was forced to release a new patch for the operating system, which comes to solve the CVE-2022-37969 flaw that still didn’t have a patch available when it released the September Patch Tuesday.

This flaw leads to Windows Common Log File System (CLFS) driver elevation of privilege, a troubling 0-day flaw that has already been exploited by hackers, but requires an attacker to have already gained access to an otherwise vulnerable system to be broken. explored.

Finally, Microsoft will not have dragged its feet, and it already offers a patch to correct this flaw. The security update was deployed urgently and Microsoft believes the flaw is important enough to also deploy its patch on Windows 7, an operating system that had already been discontinued in early 2020.

Windows Autopatch

As such, it is highly recommended that you update your Windows as soon as possible, regardless of the version you are using.

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