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Movies That Have Been Delayed In 2020

As the world health crisis continues to rage, many businesses are suffering. Hollywood and Netflix are no different, with many major film productions being delayed, or some even outright cancelled. This is extremely bad news for many major studios, especially given that potentially massive hits are now floating in a sea of uncertainty.

These are some of the biggest anticipated films that have suffered due to the world health crisis. Some have been given future release dates, while other have not yet officially been given any release date at all.

A Quiet Place Part II

The surprise hit A Quiet Place was due to get a sequel, with a release date set for March 8th 2020. But audiences will now have to wait until September 4th 2020. The follow up will likely continue the story of the Abbott family, who live in a world where making any noise at all means attracting the attention of mysterious monsters.

Thankfully, the delay was only brief in this case.

Artemis Fowl

Based on the book series of the same name, the much anticipated Artemis Fowl was supposed to release in theatres on May 29th 2020. It went on to release on the Disney+ streaming service instead on June 12th 2020. Some were more than a little irritated that the film was turned into a Disney+ exclusive, but public opinion was that the film would not have been missed in theatres regardless. Telling the story of a genius 12 year old boy born to a long line of criminals, general consensuses was that the film adaptation was not good. Best stick to online betting NZ instead.

The Batman

An incredibly hyped return of the caped crusader in The Batman, and yet another attempt by the DC Universe to catch up to Marvel. Expectation have been through the roof, but fans will have to wait until October 2021 to see how it all pans out. This is one of the highest profile Hollywood delays so far.

Black Widow

But not to be left out, the MCU have a high profile delay of their own. Set to get the MCU running again after the phase finale in Endgame, Black Widow was set to return on May 11th 2020. She will now only get her big exclusive film on November 6th 2020. At least still within the year, fans will have to hold on a bit longer before getting their MCU fix.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Being hyped as the first true MCU horror, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will now only be dropping on March 25th 2022. Though it was only technically due for release on May 7th 2021, it is still an indicator that the MCU is slamming on the brakes hard.

The Eternals

Another MCU film pushed back into 2021, The Eternals was set to open up an entire new branch of the universe. The original release date was November 6th 2020, but no fans will have to wait until February 12th next year.

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