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NASA caught a Frightening Picture of Electromagnetic Radiation coming from Sun

Images of a mid-level solar flare were taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on Thursday. When the analysis was done about that flare, the scientists were surprised. X-ray waves were coming out of these solar flares, which if they reach the earth, can have a dangerous effect on human life here.

Solar flares can last from minutes to hours

According to the report, this flare was seen on Thursday at 1:1 am according to International Standard Time Powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiation, called solar flares, can last from minutes to hours.

Mid-level Dangerous X-ray Flare

NASA has classified this flare as an M5.5 Class One. NASA said that it was a mid-level dangerous X-ray flare. The US space agency said, “The Sun emitted a mid-level solar flare on January 20, 2022, which peaked at 1:1 pm.”

Electrical power grid, navigation signals, radio communications may be affected

Although these harmful radiations cannot pass through the Earth’s atmosphere to affect life on the planet, when its intensity is too high, it can affect electrical power grids, navigation signals, radio communications. It also poses risks to spacecraft and astronauts.

Areas with strong magnetic fields on the Sun

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center said, “Solar flares typically occur in active regions that are marked by the presence of strong magnetic fields on the Sun; Usually associated with sunspot clusters. As these magnetic fields develop, they can reach points of instability and release energy in various forms. These include electromagnetic radiation seen as solar flares.”


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