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NASA’s Mars Rover finds Hints of Life on Mars Millions of Years ago

NASA’s Mars Rover mission has recently revealed that there could have been life on Mars millions of years ago. This has been revealed from the samples taken from the ground by Curiosity, which has been roaming on the surface of Mars for 9 years.

Analysis of samples taken from Mars
According to the news of Metro, the rocks of Mars are being analyzed through the Mars rover that went on NASA’s Mars mission. For 9 years, Curiosity has been roaming on that land to collect samples on Mars and depositing samples by drilling in the ground.

It has been revealed from these samples that the presence of organic compounds in those rocks has been confirmed. This organic compound may have come from insects roaming on Mars.

This conclusion matches with the samples of the Earth like this
This conclusion has come from the analysis of the soil of half a dozen places of Mars. A carbon cycle has been identified in this analysis. This is a similar biological basis as was found in the study of a fossil found in Australia. This fossil is 2.7 billion years old.

Professor Christopher House, lead author of the study from Penn State University in the US, said, “These low carbon 13 samples are similar to samples taken from 2.7 billion-year-old sediments from Australia.”

For this reason it is believed that there is a past life on Mars.
Those samples on Earth were due to biological activity when methane was consumed by ancient microbial mats. But we cannot necessarily say that this is what happened on Mars for this reason. It is a planet that may have formed from different types of materials and processes than Earth. Methane is the simplest organic molecule present in the atmosphere of Mars.

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