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New Google Photos App Feature

Now the photos kept in your phone will be more safe. Google has launched the Google Photos Locked Folder feature, in which you can get the service of locked folders in the Photos app. It protects your photos and videos from falling into unwanted hands. The Google Photos Lock Folder feature was launched exclusively for the new Google Pixel phones in June.

Search engine company Google has started rolling out the Locked Folder feature for Android users apart from Pixel users. Google had earlier announced in September that the service would soon be available for other Android phones, and has now started showing up on some Samsung and OnePlus devices.

Android 6.0 version can be used in smartphone

According to the information, the feature of the photo lock folder in the phone will soon be available in Android 6.0 and above. Once this feature comes, users will get its notification from Google.

How lock folder will work

Google Photos Locked Folder application helps you to hide photos and videos on your phone. These photos will not be backed up or shared and a device screen lock will be required to access these photos. Even users will not be able to take screenshots of photos present in these locked folders.

Google said in one of its tweets that you can keep your photo safe with a passcode in a locked folder in Google Photos and it will not be visible during scrolling in your apps. Lock Folder is being launched first in Google Pixel, after which this service will be given in other Android devices.

Users go to the Google Photos app and get the Lock folder option in Utilities inside the library, where the user can set the locked folder for himself.

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