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New iPad Air: Is this the best Apple tablet to buy?

Apple doesn’t rest. As is the case with the new third-generation iPhone SE, which we talked about a few weeks ago, and the brand new 2022 iPad Air, with which the technology company wants to continue grip on tablet market in which it remains the first power.


The device is very resembling in its lines and design of the iPad Pro, launched by the company in 2021 and with which, among many features, it shares a heart: the chip M1 invoiced by the Cupertino company itself. It offers impeccable performance and allows the device to easily move the most demanding applications, including video games. Almost as good as the iPad Pro, but with a larger screen.


A little for everything

The panel of the new Air -with a resolution of 2,360 by 1,640 pixels- stays at 10.9 inches, which, added to its weight, which does not even reach 500 gm, makes the device an interesting option for those users looking for a powerful and handy tablet. Screen image and the sound of 90 Hz are acceptable. Maybe not as much as the iPad Pro, which hits 120Hz, but without  any major downsides. The back of the iPad Air Apple has already built a camera into its iPad Pro that can follow the movements of the user. The similar technology is also found in the new Air model in the 12 MP front camera. They’re not the best sensors in history, although photo and video capture capacity aren’t among the main specs to look for when buying a  tablet. 


The storage capacity, which stays at 64 GB in the simplest model, is a bit tight, and not only because of the amount of data that the user wants to store when buying a device of this type, but also because, in addition to the At 679 euros from which it going on, Apple undoubtedly could have given more. It’s also  available in a 256 GB version that  starts at 849 euros.


Better option than the iPad Pro?

Let’s not fool ourselves, it is not a ‘smartphone’. It neither has any functionality that makes it a necessary device for common users. The Apple Pencil helps – and also offers no tools that cannot necessarily be found on the Internet. a smart phone.


iPad Air docked with Magic Keyboard


That said, if we review the iPads that Apple currently has on the market -and making it very clear that there are much more affordable and highly competent devices of this type In the Android market- perhaps the iPad Air is the most balanced current tablet from the company. Apple. Its dimensions, slightly superior to those of the normal iPad, and somewhat below those of the Pro model, they are ideal for those who are looking for an off-road and reliable device.


Facial recognition technology  is not present in the Air, and the 120 Hz refresh rate, for gaming is also absent. However, the differences with the Pro model are few; you may also find more affordable tablets that offer good performance.


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