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Organic Vs Non-Organic SEO: And Why Organic is Better

In this article from the collection of articles on content and SEO production training , we will address the issue of increasing site traffic and traffic, and I have prepared some very efficient methods to provide you with respect to users of services in this regard .

Everything is in sight!

If we want to figure everything out on our site, we must first think of a strategy to be seen and the so-called thirsty population to find us. The thirsty population or target market is a term that is widely used in marketing discussions, and it is interesting that our main topic, SEO, was created precisely for this purpose (especially for corporate sites). Find our time.

Increase site traffic organically or non-organically

In general, this increase in visitors is divided into two organic forms (buy organic traffic to website) and non-organic (real shopping visits). We completely abandon this third type, and our goal in this article is only to attract real traffic to our site. visits are mostly used to increase Alexa rankings and in 90% of cases do not cause positive events on our site; Of course, there are a number of techniques that can be used to get the desired productivity, but talking about it takes us away from the space of our content.

Quality and organic traffic is the first category we mentioned:

In this section, we need to think of ways to attract users to the Internet using Google’s search engine.

Well, in the first step, we know that each site covers a topic:

  • entertainment site
  • Tourism site
  • Construction site
  • Medical site
  • Car site
  • Technology site
  • And …

Of course, many titles can be added to this list, but the point is that each site falls into a general category. Once your general classification has been determined, you need to identify your main keywords:

For example, a car site

The main keywords of this website can include the following:

  • Car Magazine
  • Car Prices
  • Car purchase
  • Car rental
  • And …

Well, for these things, you’re building a page, and your goal is to SEO your site and get to the first page of Google to attract targeted traffic. But the problem is that SEO is very complicated and difficult to find.

Solution to increase traffic using SEO

At this point, the solution is to launch your journal with a pre-drawn content production map. The content production map is such that you draw a pyramid for your keywords depending on the level of competition. From the top of the pyramid, you start building pages and producing professional content for them. Your journal includes several categories that each category of articles serves as one of the main keywords of the site.

By internal linking, you transfer the power of the pages to each other and have a powerful collection of articles on the site. Articles produced in a short period of time are obtained by visitors, and over time, according to the links exchanged, all pages of the site increase in rank.

Over time, your indexed pages on Google will increase, and pages related to keywords will become obsolete. In the last step, when the site has received an acceptable number of articles and sub-pages, in consultation with an SEO consultant, you will advertise for the pages related to the main keywords that are both outdated and due to the internal links of the site. Their power has increased.

These 10 steps are the most basic and standard way to reach the first page in high level competitions, the time of which is estimated from about 6 months to 1 year, depending on the level of competition and the level of activity of the executive group on the site.

Every keyword you search for, Google offers you other phrases that are less searchable and less competitive, you should research all of these categories and make a complete list of Google’s suggestions.

Now you have a list of titles that your target users are looking for, and the competition is much less than the original ones; What could be better than this! You create a page for these things, and in addition to increasing the strength and index of your site, you also attract a lot of visitors to your site in a short time.

The same visitors are used to raise the main pages of the site.

I suggest you include the article on internal link building in your study program to understand exactly what the procedure is like using this technique. By following this route, you get high quality and completely organic traffic from Google, which is beyond any doubt due to its content-oriented content, and is the most reliable way and also the least expensive way to increase site traffic in heavy competitions.

To do this, you need a professional content production team who has good writing skills as well as SEO content and uses it to publish powerful and complete content on your site. To learn these techniques, you can also use the content production training package provided by which in a video download package, in 5 hours can be the best guide for you from beginner to professional.

Some of these sites are magazines that started with the same low-search phrases, and today have gained millions of visitors by investing in a large number of these phrases.

Buy a real visitor

We have closed the case of increasing Google visit to the site, and now it’s time to take a more conventional and less laborious way to increase traffic:

The most important issue in banner advertising and advertising is the correct identification of the target market. The target market, or the thirsty population mentioned at the beginning of the article, is the key to the success of a banner ad. Let’s take a brief look at this type of advertising so that if someone is unfamiliar with it, they can read on with enough knowledge.

At the beginning of the conversation, we mentioned that the visitor can either be attracted or can be bought at a cost; (Buy Real website traffic) Real visitors are people like you and me who, if someone wants to attract us, they have to show us attractive and provocative ads in a space where the chances of clicking are high.

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