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Geomagnetic Storm destroyed 40  Starlink Satellites 

Geomagnetic Storm destroyed 40  Starlink Satellites  A Geomagnetic Storm is a weather event in Space where there is a very efficient exchange of Energy from the Solar Wind into Space .  About 40 satellites of Elon Musk’s SpaceX company have been damaged by the Geomagnetic Storm in Space.  Space meteorologists believe that it will get

How To Restore Deleted Photos  From Your Android Phone’s Gallery

How To Restore Deleted Photos  From Your Android Phone’s Gallery Deleted some important photos or videos from your Android Phone’s Gallery by mistake? In such a situation, if your phone does not have a folder for Recycle Bin or Recent Delete, then you will not be able to recover those deleted photos and videos.  Here’s

  How To Find An Online Language Dictionary?

For those who are constantly confronted with new words, an online language dictionary is a very useful tool for improving linguistic comprehension (and language skills when new words are used in speech and writing). You may be wondering, “Why use an online language dictionary if dictionaries are available at libraries and bookstores?” Online dictionaries, unlike

5 Great Skype Business Features  

Here are 5 Great Skype Business Features you may not Know about Yet Call your Entire Team You don’t have to call everyone individually when you use Skype, as everyone can get together for a team call. This is important if you work remotely as it is the only way to communicate with each other

5 Cool and Cheap Gadgets to help you in your Kitchen

If you’re interested in picking up a few amazing little gadgets for your kitchen, you might want to check these out. None of them are too expensive, which makes them even better. Four Seasons Spice Shakers These are great if you want to take spices and turn them into a work of art. You get

 Virtual Reality in Business

VR, or Virtual Reality, has come to stay and has already taken over the industry in several different markets. This unique innovation offers a whole new set of opportunities for many companies to take advantage of VR reality in their business. In this article, we will look at five areas that have been able to

How To Choose The Best College Laptop on Budget

If you’re a student, you want one of the best university laptops so you can take exams  or stream TV or play games when it’s time to relax. But with so many choices at so many different prices, it can be a homework in itself to find the best laptop. When you buy a laptop

Health Tips to ease Menstrual Problems in Winter  

If your periods are hard to pass during the winter season, you are not alone. From unbearable pain to mood swings, one has to deal with everything these days. Women notice these changes, but very few people know the reason for this. Vitamin D deficiency is the reason for ‘period pain’ in winter Actually, the

12 Sustainable Gift Ideas  

Are you looking for sustainable gifts? Then ask yourself which gifts friends and family really want. In this way you avoid gifts that serve as a nice touch, but end up just lying in the corner. This saves waste and is more sustainable. If your loved ones are enthusiastic about the topics of sustainability and

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men   

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. On Valentine’s Day, it is customary for many couples to give gifts to their partner.  February 14th is Lovers’ Day. For many couples, this is a good reason to give their better half a little pleasure. Are you looking for ideas for a suitable Valentine’s Day gift? Maybe

A Balanced Diet helps in increasing Life Span

A Balanced Diet helps in increasing Life Span   By making dietary changes, you can increase your age up to 13 years, while the age of women can increase up to 10 years. This claim has been made in a new study. According to the study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, if a woman

Samsung Patents Multi-foldable Laptop

Samsung files a Patent for a Multi-foldable  Laptop This unique Samsung laptop can be folded once like a normal laptop, while the second time it can be folded to make it smaller, which is providing the look of a folded paper. Laptop will fold like Paper After the foldable smartphone, now South Korea tech company

Interior Design Tips : Trending Colors Of 2022

In recent seasons, the trend has been for colorful interiors. In 2022, this is truer than ever! And to be honest, at a time when the minimalist trend has imposed itself in our interiors, it is even on them that we bring all our attention. Thus, in 2022, the trend is above all for complex

7 Tips For Setting Goals For Your Business Plan

Any time is good for setting goals as a team. A plan that includes ambitious targets will help you grow, face challenges and adapt to changing conditions.  Here are 7 Tips on how to plan and set goals  Set Measurable Goals Financial and operational targets provide year-round monitoring of your business progress. They inspire you

Did You Know : Why Neptune and Uranus are of different colors

There are many similarities between Planets Uranus and Neptune but the color of both the planets appears different. One has a yellowish-blue-green color and the other has a dark blue color. This difference had puzzled scientists for a long time. In a new study, UK researchers have been able to find the reason for this

Astronomers Discovers the Youngest Pair of Asteroids

There are many Asteroids in our Solar System but in pairs they are rarely found . In a recent study, a pair of asteroids circling the Sun has been discovered which is only 300 years old. It is the youngest asteroid pair ever discovered. Asteroids are generally believed to have formed during the formation of

 Why is it Very Important to Save the Ozone Layer 

The ‘Ozone Layer’ is very important for our Earth, if it is completely destroyed then life on Earth will come to an end. What is an Ozone Layer? In simple language, the ‘Ozone layer’ is a delicate shield of gas which helps us to save our life on earth by protecting the earth from the

Dating App Scams and How to avoid them 

Valentine’s week  has started and before February 14, Cyber Crimes are also going to increase rapidly. Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for cybercriminals and scammers to take the help of dating apps to target internet users. Most of the people are using online dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid and other dating apps to