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Painless Hair Transplant

Nowadays, hair transplant operation, which is applied to many people whether they are men or women, offers permanent solutions to people with hair loss. Although hair loss is seen as a problem that is not taken seriously at first, it harms people‚Äôs self-confidence over time and goes as far as causing problems in their social lives. Hair is one of the most prominent features in a person’s physical image. Since it directly affects the person’s appearance, our problems with hair we experience can be quite upsetting. Hair transplant operation offers permanent solutions to people who have problems with their hair. It has come a long way in the field of hair transplant operations performed with highly developing technology and offers service to everyone. No matter how beautiful hair transplant sounds, it can be intimidating for people. So, is hair transplant an operation that you should be afraid of?

Is Hair Transplant a Painful Operation?

One of the most feared things about hair transplant is whether you will feel pain or ache during the operation. There is no pain or ache during the hair transplant process. The person does not feel pain during the operation and moreover, they can even watch a movie on television or mobile phone. The patient may prefer to sleep or to read a magazine during the operation, as well. Hair transplant operation is such a comfortable operation that you can take a break during the procedure and even you can eat a meal. In order for your hair transplant operation to turn into a comfortable procedure, you should pay attention to the clinic selection. Wouldn’t you like to have thicker hair than before by having fun and relaxing? If your answer is yes, you are at the right address. So who can have a hair transplant operation?

Who can have a Hair Transplant Operation?

Hair transplant operation can be applied to anyone who has problems such as hair loss, regardless of whether they are men or women. If no obstacle or problem is detected in the tests to be performed just before the hair transplant operation, you can have a hair transplant operation peacefully. In order to have a hair transplant operation, you should not have certain diseases. The most prominent of these is cancer. The only condition for people with cancer or undergoing a cancer treatment is that they must be at the end of their treatment in order to have a hair transplant operation. In addition to cancer patients, diabetic patients should be treated carefully if they undergo a hair transplant operation. Any bleeding that may occur on the skin during the operation may pose a risk. Hair transplant procedure cannot be applied to people who are allergic to substances in the solutions to be applied to the skin during hair transplant, or it must be applied with caution. For this reason, the clinic you choose for hair transplant should be a professional place.

Where should I Have a Hair transplant?

If you want to have a hair transplant operation but cannot find a safe place, you are in the right place. You should not make any decisions about your health quickly. For this reason, you should do a detailed research where you want to have an operation and get information from the surgeons in the clinic before the operation. You can go to a professional and experienced clinic with peace of mind and wait for your hair transplant operation to take place. At this point, the biggest mistake you can do would be to go to a hair transplant center that offers very low prices. Instead of choosing a hair transplant with a very low rate, it would be a much better decision to choose a clinic that charges a realistic price for quality service. The features of the clinic where you will have hair transplant should be as follows;

In Istanbul, you should work with a clinic that works with a hygienic, equipped, specialist physician and team and provides a perfect service with a realistic price offer, can intervene in any emergency, fulfill the conditions set forth by the Ministry of Health, and give importance to patient relations. As Now Hair Time, we offer you a service beyond your expectations. Our clinic, where you can leave with happiness and lush hair while both having fun and relaxing, works with professional surgeons. Our first goal will be your satisfaction.


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