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‘Pepperoni’ Storms on Jupiter! 

US space agency NASA recently shared a video on social media. This date was February 10, on which pizza lovers celebrate as ‘National Pizza Day’ in many countries. In a video shared by NASA of the storm that erupted on Jupiter that day, something special was being created, which was especially connecting with Pizza Day and bringing the day to life for pizza lovers. NASA wrote in the caption on Instagram, National Pizza Day? What about Interplanetary Pizza Day? Our Juno mission has seen the topping of Hurricane ‘Pepperoni’ on Jupiter.

Actually, pizza has become a very popular dish in India these days, especially in cities. People of all ages are seeing a lot of passion for it and people like to eat it with great fervor. Just got a chance. People keep looking for excuses to eat pizza. The most important thing is that pepperoni pizza is considered to be the most favorite for pizza-lovers. In such a situation, when the sight of pepperoni pizza is visible on Jupiter, it is natural for pizza-lovers to be surprised at how nature has carved the image of pepperoni pizza on this giant planet.


Jupiter’s ‘Pepperoni Pizza’ Details!


But, there’s a big difference between a delicious pizza and a Jupiter ‘Pepperoni’ storm. NASA wrote about it in the caption, ‘Even more spicy detail about what you see here: This is an infrared view of Jupiter’s north pole. The film uses imagery obtained from data collected through the Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument aboard our NASA solar system mission Juno.

‘Pepperoni’ storm is taking over the internet too!

But, this pepperoni storm video from NASA has taken the internet by storm. Till the time of writing this news, it has got more than 1.94 million views on Instagram alone and its number is continuously increasing.  

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