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Picking Them Apart – Characteristics of a Quality International School

We all know that there are numerous benefits associated with sending your kids to an international school. They get to mix with people from a variety of backgrounds and learn about a diverse range of cultures. They have the opportunity to grow and learn about subjects that are not widely available in many other learning institutes. As you begin your search for an international school, you will find an endless amount of information and picking the best school soon becomes quite a challenge.

International Curriculum

One of the main reasons why so many parents are quite to choose an international school is the curriculum. In many public schools, this is limited, and students are not exposed to many subjects that would be useful when they join the workforce or go to university. The programmes you find at international schools are designed to give students plenty of options and expose their minds to all kinds of subjects.

All of these subjects help to increase their knowledge base and it allows them to act upon what they have learned. If you look at any international school curriculum in Bangkok, you will find a wide array of subjects, some of which include:

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, & Physics)
  • Art
  • Maths
  • Languages
  • Advanced Placements Programmes

When kids move on to the next stage of learning, they are fully prepared to deal with anything that comes their way.

Attitude of the Staff

When we talk about the staff, we are not only thinking about the teachers. Everyone that works in the school should buy into its philosophy and work together to creating a unique environment for the kids. The first people who greet your kids in the morning are the teachers and office staff, if they do not fill your kids full of energy and show them a happy face, it can affect the way their attitude for the day. Parents should always look for a school where the staff are approachable and friendly.

Top class international schools do not only hire good teachers, but they also hire instructors who love their job and motivate kids to learn.

Effective Principal

An effective principal is crucial when it comes to successfully running any kind of school whether international or public. If the leader at the top of the pyramid is not doing their job, the rest of the structure falls apart.

A good principal should have experience, be open-minded, encouraging, and innovative. They will stay on top of their game and motivate and inspire others around them. A good leader will be student-centered and willing to listen to other members of staff and student bodies.

Every first-class international school will have a principal who empowers teachers and provides them with an opportunity to grow. This comes in the form of support, communication, and annual training programmes.

Student / Teacher Involvement

For a good school to work, it must be student centered. Everyone in the school must share the value of the institution. To do this, teachers must listen to students and the principal must be open-minded and give them to staff and teachers. When a decision is made in the school, the first thought must be about the students.


Another characteristic of an excellent international school is teamwork. This is mostly about the faculty. Some schools have teachers who arrive for the day and lock themselves away in their office only to emerge for mandatory meetings. This does not create a healthy environment and teamwork will not flourish in this setting.

A good school will promote an atmosphere where teachers want to share and run interdepartmental projects that benefit the students and encourage bonding amongst faculty.

Parental Engagement

Many schools forget to involve parents in their programmes when parents are one of the most important teachers of their students. It is a school’s job to pull parents in and help them to understand what the school is trying to achieve in terms of their kid’s education.

A good school will get parents involved and keep them up to date with what is going on. This also helps the students as they perform better and behave better.

Exceptional Facilities

No matter how good the teachers are in school, they can only do their best with what is in front of them. Outstanding facilities are important, and every good international school will have this in common. The facilities will be world-class to ensure students are in the best environment to learn and foster interaction.

All of the above give students’ excellent educational experiences and you will find that all of the leading international schools will have all these characteristics in common. If you are in the middle of a school selection process, carefully consider all of the points mentioned above and look for each quality as you carry out your search.

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