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Plant Hire 101: What You Need to Know About a Plant Hire Contract

Every time you hire equipment for a project, it is good business practice to have a rental agreement or contract. A contract lays down the details of your liability and its limits, and it also protects both parties. The primary inclusions in a plant hire contract include the following:

The rental contract may also include any other relevant information pertaining to the deal.

When is it necessary to draw up a rental agreement?

Hiring heavy equipment for large construction is a common practice for contractors. If you are in the Lincoln area, and are looking for crane hire, Lincoln plant hire companies can supply machinery for any upcoming project, it is essential that you have a rental agreement from the plant hire company.

Through a rental contract, you can define detailed terms and conditions such as:

Some rental companies allow renters to buy the equipment after rental. This is an excellent option if your company is considering acquiring a fleet of machinery for future projects. A rental contract also includes an additional clause on identifying which party pays for taxes, supplies like fuel, logistics charges, and rental insurance if applicable.

Additional documents included in the rental contract

When you sign an agreement with the rental company, you typically need to add other documents. Some examples include a bill of sale, a detailed list of rented equipment, and serial numbers of each piece of machinery.

Specific sections in a rental agreement

This depends on what the rental company and the renter would like to include in the contract. It would typically include an opening statement and other clauses such as:

These are only a few examples of what you can find in a rental contract. Note that a rental agreement is an extensive document which also outlines some legal clauses that describe the responsibility and liabilities of each party. If you need any assistance with drawing up a rental agreement or contract, you can always seek the help of your company’s legal counsel, who can help with some of the complicated details and terminologies included in the contract.

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