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PlayStation 5 receives new update: Find out what’s new

black and white xbox one game controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released what is the first firmware update of 2024 for the PlayStation 5, which comes with improvements for the PULSE Elite, and the Explorer, its wireless earbuds.

System software version 24.01-08.60.00 brings updated device software to the above-mentioned wireless headphones and earbuds, introducing a sound equalizer feature and a sidetone feature that will make it easier for users hear your own voice in voice chats. The new PlayStation 5 system update also introduces a new notification system that makes switching your Bluetooth connection from PC to PS5 more convenient than ever.

The new update also introduces a new group feature, showing a list of previously joined groups, improved system software performance and stability, as well as messaging and usability on some screens.

As always, the update will download automatically when your console is turned on. Otherwise, you can download it by going here and installing it manually. However, our best suggestion is that you only do it manually if you are aware that it could “kill” your console if not done properly.



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