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Post-Pandemic Online Gambling Trends In Finland

The government has strictly regulated Finland’s gambling industry since World War II. The European Union has been pressurizing the government to end the monopoly in the gambling industry. However, it seems like the government is not ready to make any change.

The country has a few land-based casinos, but most people prefer to bet on Pesapallo, a game that has some similarities to baseball. Slot machines are accessible all over the country. However, they are only licensed to charitable institutions. There are over 30,000 slot machines, about 78 gaming arcades, and over 250 eateries with tabletop games. There are also government-owned online casinos and online sports betting sites.

In Finland, some trends will likely shape the online gambling industry more in the post-pandemic period than they did at the pandemic’s peak. Starting from how people gamble online to what they pay at online gambling sites. You can find more information about this in Kasinohai.

More people turn to their smartphones and computers for entertainment, thereby making online gambling more popular.

There are quite a lot of trends we should expect from the online gambling industry in the post-pandemic period, which includes

An increase in market growth

There is a 13.2% increase in the global market share of online casinos from 2019 to 2020, closing the year at $67.5 billion.

As medical professionals warn that it will take some years before things could get back to normal; however, online gambling will experience more growth. By 2023, the online gambling industry is anticipated to reach $92.9 billion.

Mobile gambling

Mobile gaming is gaining more popularity, with a 58% potential increase. Nowadays, smartphones have better internet connectivity, wider screens, higher speed, and memory capabilities.


Finland is likely to legalize the online gambling industry to accommodate private operators. With people having more spending capabilities, the future seems better for the online casino industry.

Blockchain-based games gaining popularity

More online-based casinos are accepting cryptocurrency payments. Some do not accept any other forms of payment in 2021.

Cryptocurrency users will also be excited because many gambling sites are now offering welcome bonuses to customers who use cryptocurrency payments.

Besides, Bitcoin experts propose that blockchain technology will settle trust matters between players and online casinos. Because blockchain can restore all their records, players can always access their transaction record to verify that they are paid all their winnings and check if there is anything unusual

Online casinos to advocate for responsible gambling

With the increase in the rates of mental health problems and drug abuse among players, most online casinos will concentrate on responsible gambling.

In a strictly controlled market like Finland, online casino owners are expected to meet responsible gambling standards. This includes putting an age limitation, advertisement tools that help gamblers limit their gambling activities, stop them from playing and reduce welcome bonuses.

Virtual Reality to change the user experience

Virtual Reality had so much influence on the gaming industry. Casinos using these technologies always promise players that they will have a fantastic experience. Through virtual reality, players can play different types of games and connect with other players in real-time.

E-sport on the rise

Today, Esports has become a big part of online gambling. In 2020, Esports flourished so much. This trend will not diminish soon, as sportsbooks are luring gamblers with bigger bonuses.

Bigger, better deals from operators

As online casinos are becoming more popular, competition between operators has also increased. This makes many online casinos offer bigger incentives to get new players.

Some operators now offer “no deposit” casino bonuses, which means gamblers can start playing even without depositing money to their accounts.

New games and upgrades

Games such as blackjack and poker are common in any casino all over the world. However, it takes extraordinary skills to ace them. Good news for the new gambler – online casinos are offering games that are easier to learn.

Also, conventional games like the slot machine will experience upgrades. With more operators focusing on younger, more techie gamblers and more casinos are releasing games with features similar to those in mobile games and gaming consoles.

The post-pandemic years may still be for many sectors of the economy. However, online casinos are booming during the pandemic period.

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