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PSVR 2: PlayStation wants to captivate Gamers with its Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced a price increase for the PlayStation 5, which went from 499.99 euros to 549.99 euros. An increase justified by rising inflation, rising prices of raw materials, and much more.

And if there were still any doubts, Sony has finally announced the arrival date and the sale price of PSVR 2, will arrive in February 2023 with a really high price: 600 euros. That means the VR headset will be more expensive than the console itself… but you still need the console to use it.

And as you can imagine, it seems that the 600 euros does not suit all players… and there is a reason for that. If the performances should clearly be there, fans are skeptical about the mandatory wired connection to the PlayStation 5.

However, Sony is now relying on its games to reach gamers, and that might actually work. We knew a Horizon spin-off called Call of the Mountain was coming, but some other really interesting games were revealed, including a horror game from The Dark Pictures franchise.

The second game revealed was Crossfire: Sierra Squad, a nervous and explosive FPS that should please fans of the franchise. The player will not face real players but many AI driven NPCs for more challenges. A multitude of deadly weapons and equipment will be at your disposal to overcome the hordes of soldiers.

So PSVR 2 owners will also be able to scare themselves with Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue. As always, the player decides to infiltrate the house of his scary neighbor, from whom he will have to hide at the risk of being terrorized.


In a completely different style, The Light Brigade is a first-person shooter set in a fantasy universe. The goal is to make light reign in a world full of darkness. The graphics are rudimentary, but the gameplay borders on the realism of shooting and the magic of the universe. No release date has been announced, but the game is available for pre-order now.

Then we have After the Fall, another shooter that this time features zombies. A VR horror classic that has the merit of being reinvented for PSVR 2 since the beginning of 2023. The developers explain to us that in co-op the player will have to face waves of enemies in a scenario inspired by Los Angeles. Thanks to the technology of the headset, the immersion will be greater and you will even feel the blows of the zombies on your head.

And what about? Surprised by these PSVR 2 games or not? Many more will arrive in the first few months after the launch of the new headset, and I confess that I will do everything possible to buy a unit on the first day.



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