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Quick Share by Google replaces Nearby Share

Approximately one month ago, Samsung and Google reached a consensus to consolidate their respective file-sharing applications designed for Android devices. Consequently, the merger will unite Google’s Near Share and Samsung’s Quick Share into a singular application.

This change began to be verified in the Galaxy S24 series equipment and shortly afterwards it was made available to other equipment from the South Korean company. Now, this rebranding has taken place in the Windows operating system.

As revealed, Google has released an update for the Near Share application for Windows. After installing it, the application is renamed to Quick Share by Google, and that is practically the only change seen in the application. The entire appearance, except the new Quick Share logo, is similar to the previous version of the application. As such, you still need to be signed in to a Google account to use its features.

Samsung has also developed a Quick Share Windows app for its Galaxy Book laptops. It also received the new brand a few days ago through an update. However, there are now two distinct applications for Windows that are called Quick Share; one is developed by Google and the other is developed by Samsung. It remains to be seen if and when these two applications will actually be merged.

However, previously only Samsung devices were able to wirelessly share files with each other using Quick Share. After the new update, all Android smartphones will be able to share files wirelessly using the new Quick Share feature. Files can also be shared between Android smartphones/tablets and Windows computers.



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