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iPhone14 Battery Replacement will cost $169

Replacing the iPhone 14 Battery Will Be Much More Expensive Than on the iPhone 13

The days of free or $29 iPhone battery replacements, which Apple kicked off after the controversy over “planned obsolescence” is already a part of, and with the iPhone 14 it’s getting ready to open its purse strings.

Compared to what is charged on last year’s model, replacing the battery on the iPhone 14 will be 45% higher, although some of the models, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, have a slightly lower battery capacity than its predecessor. .

Of course, if you sign up for AppleCare+, you will get unlimited repairs when the product warranty expires, however, this service is not available in all markets.

It’s been a few years since the battery replacement cost around $129, so know that it has increased to $169… which is a very significant amount for a battery.

Changing the iPhone 14 Battery Will Cost $169

It is true that Chinese brands such as OPPO or OnePlus are already using batteries, in their smartphones, capable of being charged from zero to 100% in about 20 minutes, while being classified as good for at least 1600 cycles. In Apple phones, in addition to taking much longer, the company only guarantees efficiency at about 800 cycles.

Apple, as we know, takes small steps in all upgrade directions, as it rightly concludes that putting all the latest technology on the latest iPhones would give little reason for its fans to switch phones every two years.

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