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Revolutionizing Urban Driving: Volkswagen’s Budget Electric City Car

The fight in the sector of affordable electric cars below 25,000 € promises to be very disputed. While Renault has announced that it wants to accelerate the democratization of the electric car with the reissue of the R5, in 2024, Volkswagen confirms the development of an ID.1, a compact urban vehicle destined to compete with the Dacia Spring, one of the best-selling electric vehicles in 2023.

If Volkswagen has so far concentrated on offering mid-range and high-end vehicles, it knows, however, that in these times of economic restrictions, the battle will be won at the level of the most affordable cars. Is it at the entry level that the company will have to convince and, for that, what better than an ultra-compact city car like the ID.1?

The success of the Dacia Spring has not gone unnoticed by car manufacturers in the Old Continent. The 100% electric crossover-style small city car has whetted an appetite for Volkswagen, which is aware that there is a place for such a car in its ever-expanding EV range. This would be very profitable for the company, as, according to Arno Antlitz, Volkswagen’s chief financial officer, “the company is ready to produce electric cars at this price level”. With an announced autonomy of just 250 kilometers, the ID.1 will clearly not be a road car, but that, potential customers already know.




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