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Robotic Companion Revolution: DEEP Robotics Brings Lite3 Robot Dog to Europe

Designed with the research and education sectors in mind, the Lite3 quadruped robot from the Chinese company DEEP Robotics will soon be available for sale in the European market. This robot is much more advanced than its predecessor (Lite2 therefore…).

Lite3 Robot Dog leg articulation system has been completely revised (torque increased by 50%), which allows the robot to be more powerful and agile. The Lite3 can therefore climb steps up to 15 cm high and move forward at a maximum speed of 4 m/s. (12km/h). This robot is also capable of performing horizontal jumps, high jumps, forward jumps, etc.

Strong, this robot can carry loads of up to 7.5 kg (40% more than the Lite2) and its autonomy has almost doubled. The robot dog can now be controlled for 90 minutes and up to 5km away from its remote control unit.

The robot’s built-in processor is also three times more powerful than the Lite2’s. It should also be remembered that this Lite3 is a very modular robot, to which you can add a bunch of devices and sensors (like a LiDAR) for very specific tasks.

Pricing and Availability DEEP Robotics Lite3

Finally, and this is a small miracle, the price of this piece of technology is not too high, as it is around 2900 euros, and it will be available for sale in Europe from next September.



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