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Rugby Sized Planet seen for the First Time in Space

It is generally believed that the shape of the planet is round but have you heard that the shape of a planet is like a potato. Yes, such a unique discovery has happened in Space.

This discovery is believed to be very unique. 

For the first time, a potato-sized planet has been discovered in space. This discovery was made by the astronomers of the European Space Agency. Experts know this potato-sized planet as WASP-10b. The European Space Agency said on Tuesday that such a planet like a potato or rugby ball has been seen for the first time.

This unique planet is located in the constellation of Hercules
According to the report, this unique planet is located in the constellation Hercules. The Pehelwan or Hercules constellation is the fifth largest of the constellations declared by the International Astronomical Union.

This planet is 1.8 light years away from the solar system
According to the researchers, due to the strong tidal forces of the planet and the proximity of the star, its shape has become like a potato instead of round. This planet is 1.8 light years away from our solar system.

About the size of the potato has just been confirmed
Although this planet was first discovered in 2014, but then nothing could be said with certainty about its size. Now the European Space Agency’s Cheops telescope mission has confirmed this.

Unbelievable discovery of a potato-sized planet in space
Co-author of this research, Jacques Lasker of the Paris Observatory, said, “It is unbelievable that the Cheops telescope was able to actually detect this small size change. This is the first time such an analysis has been done. Now we can see such things for a long time.” We can keep an eye on it. We will get more information about the structure inside this planet.”


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