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Samsung Delivers Exciting News to Galaxy S23 Owners: Enhanced Features and Experiences Await

Samsung’s team of developers in recent years has been appreciated for the speed with which it has released updates that bring new versions of the Android operating system to its equipment. Now, new information shows that One UI will gain new momentum with Galaxy S23 series devices.

In the last few hours, new details have been revealed about how the South Korean company is working around Android 14, which in the company will be One UI 6.0. Remember that this One UI 6.0 is the new version of the Korean giant’s personalized interface, the one that will be launched on the occasion of the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5, scheduled for the end of next July.

Well, according to what is now being revealed, the first public beta version of One UI 6.0, that is Android 14, should be launched for Galaxy S23 series smartphones already in mid-July or, in case of problems that may occur in next few weeks, the Korean giant may take a little longer and wait until mid-August.

As for the stable version, according to Samsung’s plans, the launch procedures would be scheduled for the month of October. And if these rumors are confirmed, the Korean giant will be able to update most of its smartphones to Android 14 by the end of 2023 (obviously with priority for the top of the range of recent years).

Beta version of Android 14 will arrive on the Galaxy S23 in July

We remind you that, according to what has emerged, Android 14 will not bring a revolution in terms of features, but a whole series of optimizations and changes that should improve the user experience in general and probably the same will happen with One UI 6.0.



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