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Samsung Embraces Artificial Intelligence with Samsung Gauss  

After a period of anticipation, South Korean tech giant Samsung has officially entered the artificial intelligence arena with the introduction of Samsung Gauss. This groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence was unveiled at the AI Forum hosted in Seoul, South Korea.

The name “Gauss” is a tribute to the renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who laid the foundation for Gaussian distribution theory, a fundamental principle underpinning artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Samsung Gauss represents a significant milestone for the company as it is an in-house development by the Samsung Research division, comprised of three key components:

  1. Samsung Gauss Language: This model is proficient in understanding human language and generating responses. Its primary objective is to enhance user productivity by offering support in tasks such as composing emails, document editing and summarization, multi-language translation, and general writing assistance. It can operate on both cloud servers and endpoint devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  2. Samsung Gauss Code: As the name suggests, this model specializes in code languages and serves as a user-friendly, high-speed software development tool. It features an interactive interface and a code assistant known as “code.i.” This component also supports code description and test case generation.
  3. Samsung Gauss Image: This module is dedicated to creating and editing images. It is capable of altering image styles, converting low-resolution images to high-resolution quality, and adding elements to existing images. Furthermore, similar to other tools in circulation, it can generate entirely new images based on concise textual descriptions.

Samsung’s foray into artificial intelligence through Samsung Gauss marks an exciting development in the company’s technological portfolio.



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