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Scientists Discovers 1306 Feet Creature In Australia, Found 200 Feet Deep In The Earth

Scientists in Australia have discovered a rare creature with 1306 legs. It is a kind of millipede. It is the only creature in the world with more than a thousand legs. It has been discovered 200 feet below the earth. It’s 95.7 millimeters long and as thin as a USB cable. Experts have named this creature Eumileps persephone. This species was found on earth even 400 million years ago.


Before Persephone, the animal with the most legs was found in California. It had 750 legs. That too was a millipede. Its name is Elecme Planipes. She was first seen in 1980.


The first millipede to have more than a thousand feet

Millipede literally means thousand feet in English. However, Eumileps persephone is the first millipede to have 1000 or more legs. According to scientists, the word Persephone is derived from Greek mythology. It means queen of the underworld.


Millipedes do not have eyes like many other living creatures in the ground. They are colourless. Scientists believe that millipedes live on fungus.


What else did you find during the search

During the search, scientists in Western Australia found two female and two male peds. The number of feet of female Milli Pieds was 1306 and 998. Matched Peds had 818 and 778 legs. According to scientists, the first found peds were found 400 million years ago. Today the number of their species is 13,000.


Why so many legs?

​Persephone lives in a world where there is neither light nor enough food. Scientists say that if this creature has to survive under the earth, then it is necessary to have so many legs. The length and short legs of the milli ped make it easy and flexible to move. Since there is a lack of food for these found under the earth, the other parts of their body cannot develop.

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