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Scientists Planning Lunar Village on Moon

The European Space Agency plans to develop a technology to extract oxygen from the moon’s stones. Humans have been dreaming of life on the moon for centuries, but now scientists have found a way for it and its blueprint is being prepared.

There is no other star as beautiful as the moon to the people living on the earth. People have always seen dreams of going to the moon and settling on the moon. However, now scientists have come very close to realizing this dream. Scientists have come up with such a technique, through which oxygen will be extracted from the rocks present on the moon and a human settlement (Scientists Planning Lunar Village) will be made.

The European Space Agency has given the task of making the blueprint of this technology to a private company. The European Space Agency (ESA) has made a deal with a private company for 847 million. The name of this private company is Thales Alenia Space. The company has been asked to prepare a blueprint of such a technology, so that oxygen can be extracted from the test stones (Thales Alenia Space).

Oxygen Extractor to set up a Village
The European Space Agency plans to develop such a technology to extract oxygen from the moon’s stones, so that an unmanned spacecraft can be sent to the moon and help in building a human settlement. Through this technique, the spacecraft will be kept in a special tank after breaking the moon stones and extracting oxygen from it. According to Roger Ward of Thales Alenia Space, this project will be launched within the next two years. They want to build a research station on the moon.

It will be easier to travel to the moon
At present, going to the moon is not so fast, but with such a project, it will be easy for a person to go to the moon. The biggest need for living on any other planet is the resources. UK-based firm Metalysis, based in Rotherham, South York, has developed a chemical process that can remove oxygen from stones. A refueling station will be built on the moon by collecting such oxygen. With this, human missions can be sent far in space.


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