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Increasing Google traffic is one of the most challenging concepts in SEO. Also, many people are looking for specific techniques and ways to increase site traffic on Google. That’s why in this article we have decided to provide you with the most important SEO tips in this field.

This article will help you to be as successful as possible in increasing your site traffic; In general, the progress that comes with the program is very valuable.

Why is traffic so important to Google?

The Organic traffic you get from Google is actually the best kind of traffic you can get for your site pages; Because it’s free, it’s growing, and users who use Google often have a ready mind.

The important thing to know is that if you rely only on this increase in Google traffic, there may be problems in the future for your SEO site. You should always comply with the latest SEO principles as well as Google’s algorithm updates. Failure to do so may result in a sudden drop in traffic to your site.

Many sites may already be performing well and being able to generate good revenue from their pages. But if you can analyze their performance, you’ll see that these sites don’t have a bright future, and if they don’t change their optimization process, they’re more likely to fail and suffer significant losses.

One of the main reasons these sites visit and lose their rankings is that they are subject to Google penalties. As a result, in order to be able to focus as much as possible on increasing the number of free Google visits, you must implement the most basic SEO tips well in the process of your strategies.

How long does it take to increase your site traffic?

The important thing to know is that our approach in this article to increase site traffic on Google is very useful, natural and safe. If you’re looking for a set of SEO tricks to increase traffic and website traffic in a short amount of time, this article can’t help you as much as you might think; Buy organic traffic because the overall trend of increasing traffic on Google requires reflection and time. Of course, keep in mind that this time is different for different websites with different activities and depends on several factors.

The author suggests that you read the above article first and then read the rest of this article. Now is the time to address this issue. To achieve your desired visit, you must follow certain instructions, which are the best and most important ways to increase site traffic on Google for you dear ones. We promise you that if you follow these step-by-step techniques to increase your Google traffic, you will get the results you want in the not-too-distant future.

Analyze all your activities before running

If you want to have a good SEO strategy, the first thing you need to do is identify the key phrases you want and determine what goals you want to achieve. There are only a few websites that have implemented these in their activities and have achieved significant success.

When searching for titles on your site’s pages, you need to make sure you know what you’re talking about. You also need to know how your website is going to differ from other competitors that have produced content for that title. The uniqueness of the content is one of the most important ways to increase site traffic on Google.

When you want to start researching the keywords of your site pages, it is very helpful to know who your competitors are in the field and how much competition there is for your keyword. You have to be very careful in choosing your keywords; Otherwise, you may target phrases that do not attract any traffic to your site. There are many free and non-free tools for keyword research that will help you bring the best traffic to your site.

When it comes to keywords, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to the performance of your competitors. The key phrases they use and the tools they use to research keywords are the most important things to keep in mind. A very important point that bloggers succeed in emphasizing is that you should always be patient about increasing your Google traffic for free, and never give up. Many people change their strategy as soon as they don’t get what they want, and that’s why these people can never have a good site increase.

Use exclusive domain name and WordPress settings

Google values ​​the sites that use their unique domain name and hosting much more; In fact, Google thinks that a website that meets these requirements is more important and valuable to your business. As a result, in the case of increased traffic on Google, these websites are a priority. Here are some tips to help you get started: Match it with the keywords of your business

Change the main WordPress settings to improve SEO

For most people, WordPress is a platform that works according to SEO principles and site optimization. However, it’s a good idea to change some of your main WordPress settings to get the best results from your SEO site.

The first default structure is your fixed links, which are often set for some small categories of date and name categories. It’s best to set this to send only the post name, Because the target keywords must be displayed in the post.

All you have to do is go to Settings> Permalinks> Post Name. Note, however, that these settings only need to be made for new content that is to be placed on the site; Otherwise, errors will occur in the links provided to the previous page structure of your site.

The next important thing is to make sure that all the titles on your site pages are set with the h1 tag. It is often seen in WordPress that the title of the post is marked with the h2 tag. You can make changes to your title tag by going to Appearance> Editor> Single Post.

Improve user experience with great precision

WordPress plugins usually try to make your website look good on search engines. But the thing you need to make sure of is that the pages of your site should look good to humans as well. In fact, the strategy of improving the user experience of the site should be done with the utmost care. Targeted website traffic is just a few clicks away! We can help you quickly increase visibility to your website or blog with our standard or premium website traffic offerings. Develop compelling and relevant content and offers and we will drive prospective customers to your website to view it! It’s safe, easy and surprisingly affordable.

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