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Should I Call My Insurance Company After A Minor Accident In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has been cited as among the counties with the highest number of accidents. Commuters stand the highest risk of being involved in a road accident, and in the worst-case scenario, some injuries sustained are fatal. Statistics have shown that a fatality arises in every forty hours from an accident in Los Angeles. If you are involved in a minor accident, therefore you can count yourself as lucky. However, a minor accident does not mean that your rights are minor compared to those of victims of serious accidents. Even a minor accident can disorient your life; therefore, it is crucial to know your next step after an accident.

After the occurrence of a minor accident, you need to consult with a los Angeles car accident law firm for guidance on your legal options. Underestimating your injuries is more beneficial to the insurance company than it is to you. Therefore if you choose to go silent about the minor accident, you tend to waive your Personal Injury Protection benefits. The steps you take after the accident occurs get to determine whether you can launch a successful claim. Our los Angeles car accident law firm West Coast Trial Lawyers has helped several accident victims like you recover up to $ 1 billion in damages through litigation and settlements cumulatively. Even a minor accident might result in adverse repercussions if not addressed early enough.
The county of Los Angeles is already a hotbed for accidents. With the existence of very high statistics of accidents, you should therefore always endeavor to know your rights in the event of an accident and the best steps after an accident so that you can protect your rights.

What should I take after I am involved in a minor accident in Los Angeles?

1. Don’t run, stay
The first instinct that comes after one realizes that they have sustained minor injuries or damages to their vehicle, especially in Los Angeles, is to leave the accident scene as soon as possible. With a county like Los Angeles where fatal accidents are very high, you will count yourself lucky and run to safer ground. An innocent act of disbelief of what just took place might result in criminal charges. Leaving the accident scene can give rise to a “hit and run” scenario, and this can hinder your steps of seeking compensation.

2. Confirm whether there are any parties injured
Even a minor accident can result in serious injuries to others. If there are any pedestrians or passengers involved, establish that they are in a good state. Where any party has sustained injuries, you included, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Several emergency response medics across Los Angeles can come to the scene of the accident as fast as possible to help maintain the situation. Remember, equally seeking medical attention at this point can help rule out or confirm any injuries you have sustained.

3. Take details of eye-witnesses
The more reason why you should never leave the scene of the accident is so that you can collect the details of eye-witnesses. Suppose you choose to pursue your claim, the testimony of an eye-witness can act as proof in your case. The details you should record include their names, email addresses, and other contact details that can make it easy to reach out to them.

4. Take the details of motorists, pedestrians and any other parties involved in the accident
Due to the circumstances surrounding the accident, you might feel the need to start apologizing to those involved in the accident. Once you apologize for the accident, you are indirectly admitting liability, and any present party might use the information against you. Therefore the engagement you should have with the other parties is a friendly engagement aimed at getting their contact information and the details of their insurance companies.

5. Photograph the scene of the accident
Once you leave the accident scene, a lot happens. Your vehicle will be repaired, and any injuries sustained are treated. In case of minor injuries, no one will ever know that an accident occurred in the first place. Photos from the scene of the accident can always be attached to your claim as proof of the accident’s occurrence. If you happen to contact our car accident injury lawyers immediately after the accident, we will advise you to take photos of the scene of the accident. We understand the importance of evidence in a claim of whatever magnitude; therefore, photos can help us build credibility with your claim.

6. Ensure a police officer visits the scene of the accident
The role of a police officer in an accident can never be downplayed. In the case of litigation, the police officer present at the scene of the accident can be called in as the investigating officer to give evidence in your case. The details the police take at the scene of the accident involve the parties involved, vehicle registration numbers, injuries or vehicle damage, and the insurance details of all vehicles. With such information in the hands of the police, you can always benefit by taking the police officer’s contact details as you might require their services along the way.

7. Watch what you share with parties at the scene of the accident
Don’t share anything about the accident to any insurance company representatives at the scene of the accident. Here we get to answer your question on whether you should call your insurance company in the event of a minor accident. You can call your insurance company and inform them about the accident; however, let whatever you say be guided by the advice of our car accident injury lawyers at the law office of West Coast Trial Lawyers.

What are the main causes of accidents in Los Angeles?

Ø Congestion on the roads during rush hour
Ø Driver error like distractions
Ø Poor roads
Ø Speeding
Ø Driving while Intoxicated
Ø Disregarding traffic rules
Ø Use of cell phones while driving

What are the common injuries that arise from minor accidents?

Any accident can give rise to injuries; therefore, just because you got involved in a minor accident does not mean you shouldn’t get checked. At times minor accidents can cause internal injuries that might not be realized on the spot. Therefore, the more days you take without seeking medical attention, the more you risk aggravating your injuries. Always visit a doctor after a minor accident to confirm or rule out any injuries. Here are some of the common injuries that arise from minor auto accidents:

Ø Minor legs and knees injuries
Ø Minor face injuries
Ø Minor whiplash injuries
Ø Soft tissue injuries

Always take note of any injuries confirmed by your doctor. The medical notes, treatment notes, and receipts received from the payment of medical bills can help you build up a strong case. Subsequently, when you consult about your injury from a car accident lawyer from the law office of West Coast Trial Lawyers, the attorney will help you pick out the most important documents that can help sustain your claim.

Also, for personal injury protection benefits, the fact that you visited a doctor within fourteen days gets to determine whether you can get the benefits. Generally, every step you take after the occurrence of an accident contributes greatly to whether you will get any benefits. Payments of benefits arising from any accident, whether minor or serious, are benefits that rightfully belong to you. Therefore when you choose not to make a follow up on your benefits, you technically waive your rights.

What benefits should I expect from a minor accident claim?

Accident victims in Los Angeles are entitled to recover damages to rebuild their lives or recover any money spent. Always get advice about personal injury from car accident lawyer at the law office of West Coast Trial Lawyers to understand better the damages you can expect from your claim:

Ø Lost wages where you have had to stay out of work to treat your injuries
Ø Therapy costs for PTSD treatment
Ø Costs for medical treatment
Ø Vehicle repairs in the case of material damage to your car

Los Angeles Car Accident Law Firm

Accidents are unforeseen at times, no matter how careful of a driver you are. You could be on the high way paying attention to driving carefully. Ensuring that all room for an accident happening is sealed. However, being careful does not mean you won’t encounter some rogue motorists out there. Therefore while being careful on the road can lower the chances of an accident, it doesn’t completely protect you from being involved in an accident.

Suppose you have been involved in a minor accident, getting legal counsel about your injury from car accident lawyer at the law office of West Coast Trial Lawyers can help evaluate your case and advice on the available legal options for you. The damages you get to recover from your accident will go a long way in taking care of monies already spent in medical expenses and every other expense incurred. For more guidance with your case, contact West Coast Trial Lawyers for additional information.

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