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Slot Games with the highest RTP

Historically speaking slot machine gambling games haven’t always been the most transparent, in fact, in the golden age of Las Vegas casino in the mid 20th century there were hundreds of thousands of people playing slot machines, however there rarely any information about their odds of winning, as opposed to other table games like blackjack or roulette. Things have all changed now, however, as the invention of online slot games UK also meant that global governments rushed to put in new legislation to safeguard gamblers. 

One of the main offshoots from this development was the fact that online slot developers were obliged to disclose something called RTP to gamblers. This stands for Return To Player, and it is given as percentage that indicates the odds of winning on any given slot game. Gamblers can look at a RTP and immediately find out how much of their stake they can expect to win back on average, which means that RTP has become a sensational way of choosing which slots to play. Read on for some slot games with the highest RTP. 

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix 

Honestly, is there a more iconic online slots series than Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches franchise? For almost half a century this incredibly experienced slot developer has been creating whimsical “luck of the Irish” themed online slots, and they have succeeded in bringing thousands of new gamblers to the industry too. In fact, if it wasn’t for Rainbow Riches we are not sure that the Irish theme would even be so popular these days, so gamblers who enjoy these games definitely owe Barcrest a thank you. 

Regardless, most Rainbow Riches games have fairly good RTPs, however one of the newest instalments, Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, has an RTP of 98% that eclipses anything else that Barcrest have put out. This is one of the largest RTPs in the entire industry, and it comes as a result of Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix’s ludicrous array of bonus features, with several of the best ones from across the series on offer. 

Mega Joker 

If you asked most online slot aficionados what their favourite high RTP online slot is they will surely come back to you with Mega Joker. NetEnt released Mega Joker a while back, however with its potential RTP of almost 100% there have been very few online slot games that have managed to kick it off its proverbial perch. 

This iconic online slot is inspired by the Las Vegas Megabucks machines that have made several gamblers ludicrously rich over the course of the last few decades, and it also features a progressive jackpot. There is one thing to remember, however, and that is that Mega Joker’s high RTP is only available when betting in the highest increments. 

Ugga Bugga 

Ugga Bugga is another fairly old online slot, but one that also has a very high RTP of 99.07%. This game is developed by Playtech, and it has an unusual reel configuration of two sets of 3×10 grids.

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