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Neo QLED 8K: Smart TV with the highest resolution in the Market

Samsung have developed a television with a higher resolution, 8K, which is also the device with the highest image quality available in the market.

A sharper and more detailed image is what Samsung promises with the Smart TV Neo QLED 8K, with which you will not only be able to enjoy audiovisual content in full resolution, but will also have the opportunity to project the content in 8k generated by users.

They offer two screen sizes: “It turns out to be much more visually comfortable, since you will stop struggling with small letters so as not to strain your eyes, since any text will look good on a screen of at least 55 inches or on one of 85 inches” They explained in a press release.

20 Neural networks and Artificial Intelligence is capable of displaying an image in the aforementioned resolution, even if the source of origin does not have that quality.

Given the device’s capacity, it was awarded the ‘Pantone Validated’ certification, from the Pantone company, for authentically reproducing more than 2,000 colors. In addition, the screen design improves contrast levels and emits brighter colors and deeper blacks.

As for the price, it varies according to the size of the screen. But, the 85-inch Neo QLED 8K costs $21,999,900 on Samsung’s official website.



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