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Sony Confirms 6 Upcoming GAAS Titles for PlayStation 5 by 2025

black Sony PS2 controller on white surface

Sony has confirmed its commitment to introducing six Games as a Service (GAAS) offerings for the PlayStation 5 by 2025. This development comes amid speculation that Jim Ryan’s departure from Sony Interactive Entertainment wasn’t related to a shift away from traditional narrative-driven games, which have long defined the PlayStation brand.

There had been rumors circulating that some studios were unhappy with PlayStation‘s emphasis on GAAS titles, but these rumors appear unfounded. Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s president, clarified during a post-results Q&A session that they plan to launch a total of six gaming services on the PlayStation 5 by 2025. While this is a reduction from the initial target of 12, it remains significant considering PlayStation’s heritage, especially since the remaining GAAS projects are still in the pipeline for later release. It’s worth noting that PlayStation boasts around fifteen game development studios, not counting technical and support teams, and nearly half of these studios are currently working on GAAS titles.

It seems that Hiroki Totoki aimed to strike a challenging balance between assuring investors of future growth opportunities through GAAS (a key focus in the post-results conference) while also conveying to players that their desire for a variety of game experiences, including narrative-driven titles, has been heard. However, reactions on social media suggest that gamers are not entirely convinced, as many are concerned that upcoming GAAS titles receive more attention than future single-player narrative games on the PlayStation platform, a shift that has raised eyebrows among the gaming community.



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