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Sony tackles Cloud Gaming Challenges Head-On: Innovative Solutions and Enhancements Announced

Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida currently sees many technical hurdles for cloud gaming. The fact that he is now talking about this subject is certainly also due to Microsoft’s upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The Redmond-based company is also looking to use the deal to bolster its game streaming portfolio and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game flat rate.

Yoshida certainly wants to allay the fears of investors who might assume that Microsoft could capitalize on its advantages over Sony in this sector. Finally, the Redmond company also controls the Azure cloud infrastructure. While Sony offers cloud gaming through its PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, it tends to “run along” with it. It also shows, for example, that the upcoming Q handheld project was conceived as a pure remote gaming device. Cloud games were not placed there either.

Sony is also keeping an eye out and might want to use artificial intelligence like GT Sophy to improve the possibilities. For example, the user can use it to load servers if there is a lot of idle time due to few players, and this allows to reduce operating costs. However, problems can still be seen in latencies. There are still some challenges – but Sony will face them too. However, it is also clear at the moment that cloud gaming is still a niche that is not always profitable, even for large companies… and Google Stadia is a good example of this situation.
For Sony, cloud gaming is still a niche

Analysts are often critical of Sony: Sony bought cloud gaming provider Gaikai early on in 2012, but has so far failed to exploit its pioneering potential. In the meantime, competitors like Nvidia with GeForce Now have technically surpassed the same. Overall, however, it will likely be many years before a significant proportion of gamers actually prefer the cloud over PCs or game consoles.



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