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Space Capsule: Goods will be delivered from Space to any corner of the Earth! 

US Space Capsule: The US space agency NASA itself is working on such technology.    A US-based startup company has designed a special capsule to deliver goods from space. It is being claimed that this unique experiment can make a big difference in the global supply chain. Inversion Space says that it can deliver goods from space to any corner of the world with its space capsule. The company is working on this project costing 10 million dollars from 2021.

The company wants to make a capsule that can be used to deliver and return goods to the Earth as well as to the space station. The company wants to use it in commercial and defense sectors. The capsule of Inversion Space will be able to enter space from Earth and come back to Earth. The US space agency NASA supports private companies in such new experiments.

Capsule will run on solar energy
It is believed that this capsule will be ready by 2025, which is currently in the trial stage. The diameter of this capsule is 1.5 feet. It is named ‘Ray’ which was dropped from a height of 30,000 feet during the experiment. After being developed, this capsule will hit the atmosphere at 25 times the speed of sound while coming to Earth from space and will softland with the help of parachute. Instead of fuel, this special capsule will run on solar energy.

Company designing four feet capsule
The company will demonstrate the technology of this capsule in 2023. Talking to the New York Times, the company said that after reaching orbit, this capsule will automatically find its way to the space station. The company is designing capsules measuring four feet in diameter, which can deliver more cargo. Inversion Space hopes that in the coming times, it will be able to install thousands of capsules in space.

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